Specialised services for global and domestic freight forwarding in Adelaide

Coordinated transportation of goods from one place to another through sea, air, rail and other carriers is called freight forwarding. Businesses requiring import or export of bulk shipments as a part of their business operations commonly employ professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are not carriers themselves but act on behalf of the shippers to ensure smooth cargo movements. From cost effective transportation costs and documentation processing to ensuring compliance with applicable laws and safe and smooth deliveries to the correct destinations, there is a host of benefits associated with using the services of freight forwarders.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarder specialising in international sea and Air Freight Delivery Services Adelaide for imported and exported goods. The company handles each and every aspect of international shipping right from carrier selection, route selection, charges, import or export clearance documents, customs and more. In addition to international shipments, this company also offers interstate freight forwarding within Australia.

Global freight forwarding services

Freight and More has an extensive distribution and storage network covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia which enables it to manage international shipments in a smooth manner. The company works with many international airliners to provide Air Freight Delivery Services Adelaide for imported and exported goods. It also provides sea freight forwarding services for international shipments and works with merchant shipping lines for the same.

Freight and More has the required customs brokers and other experts to ensure that the documentation is in order for importing and exporting goods. The company procures the various documents such as import or export licenses, certificates, permits, bills and more to ensure that the goods are approved by the customs authorities at both the sending and receiving countries. The agents of the company are well versed with the rules and regulations concerning international sea and air shipments which vary from one country to another.

Domestic freight forwarding services

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for movements of goods from one state to another within Australia. Domestic shipments are made through road or rail or a combination of road, rail, sea and air. Whether it is receiving imported cargos and delivering them within Australia or transporting goods intended for export to sea and airports across Australia, the company manages the entire process smoothly. The services are offered on FOB and Ex-Works terms for goods slated for import or export.

Freight and More has a fleet of transport vehicles complete with trained drivers to provide interstate and local door-to-door delivery of goods. The vehicles include standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers.

Customs and Warehousing services

Freight and More provides Customs Clearance Services Perth through its customs brokers who are well versed with the customs rules and regulations, regardless of the origin and destination country of the cargo. The customs brokers prepare the required documentation to pass the goods through the customs officials in complete compliance with the applicable laws.


A free price quote can be obtained by simply visiting the website of Freight and More and filling the online form. The freight forwarding services of this company are suitable for both startups and established businesses with vast operations.