Professional Services for Sea and Air Freight Shipping in Brisbane

Freight forwarders make life easy for business organisations requiring bulk shipping of goods as a part of their business operations. This is because freight forwarders comprehensively manage the logistics of freight shipping across international borders, thereby enabling the businesses to focus on their core operations. From carrier selection and rate negotiations to customs clearance and delivery, freight forwarding encompasses a whole lot of tasks. It is imperative on the part of the business organisations to entrust their freight shipping management to reputed freight forwarders only.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarder offering both sea and Air Freight Delivery Services Brisbane. It has a highly skilled and experienced team proficient in seamlessly fulfilling all the transportation and logistical requirements of sea and air cargo destined for both international and domestic locations.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Sea is the most preferred mode of transportation for goods with 90% of global freight shipping taking place through the sea routes onboard merchant ships. Freight and More has solid links with major merchant marine shipping lines based in Australia and other countries. Thus, it can be relied upon to negotiate the best shipping rates with reputed carriers on behalf of its clients.

Freight and More manages both Full Container Load and Less than Container Load of sea freight. FCL refers to heavier or larger volumes of goods which require the shippers to pay the whole cost of a standard shipping container. LCL refers to lighter and smaller volumes of goods which can be grouped in a shipping container with other goods. Freight consolidation services are available to book LCL cargo with other goods belonging to different shippers within the same container to reduce costs.

The sea freight forwarding services cover each and every aspect of sea shipping, right from route selection and rate negotiations to packing, labelling and documentation. Entire set of ocean freight documentation, including bills of lading, shipping manifests, invoices and certificates of origin are managed. Customs paperwork is also prepared in compliance with the relevant rules and regulations in both the origin and destination countries.

Air Freight Forwarding

Freight and More offers Air Freight Delivery Services Brisbane for all kinds of legal air cargo such as currency notes, jewellery, medicines and other goods requiring express delivery. To this end, it has links with major international and domestic airline operators. Cargo spaces onboard dedicated cargo airplanes and passenger aircrafts are booked at the best possible rates.

Space optimisation is also practiced to better utilise the limited cargo space at minimum rates. Documentation services cover all the required documents for customs clearance and air freight shipping, including airway bills, commercial invoices and packing lists. The goods are received at the airport and transferred to the trucks for delivery to the final destination or warehouse, as the case may be.


Freight and More provides its services to all types of business, right from small companies with limited freight shipping requirements to large enterprises dealing in huge volumes of freight. For enquiries and booking, call on 03 9867 4544.