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Nowadays, customers anticipate speedier shipping and many businesses with low-volume, high-value items turn to air freight as a solution. Using an aircraft to deliver cargo or merchandise, Air Freight can also apply to actual cargo carried by an airline. One of the quickest and most dependable means for shipping goods is air freight, which is frequently more expensive than other options. Air Freight Shipping Adelaide by Freight and More Pty Ltd provides air freight shipping throughout and around Adelaide for your cargo services.

Services offered by Air Freight Shipping

The following services are available to help your business or organization:
Imports, exports, air freight, sea freight, customs clearance, warehousing, transport, and more! They welcome your inquiries about any of your shipping needs around the world.

Air Freight Services

Experts from the service providers efficiently and effectively handle the shared commitment to handle customers’ air freight demands. Service providers recognize that customers want high-quality service and communication, a key component for Air freight shipping. They keep you updated throughout the entire process.

Why take Air Freight Services?

The quickest mode of transportation- The fastest method for delivering cargo is air freight. Typically, cargo aircraft fly at a speed of about 900 kilometers per hour. This implies that each cargo you make will arrive at its destination as soon as feasible.
You can transport your items anywhere- Road haulage will inevitably be required when transporting by sea freight because a boat cannot transport the goods to their destination. On the other hand, road freight drastically restricts how far your cargo can travel. These issues do not exist for air freight.
Keeps your shipment secure- Air freight is an excellent option if you are worried about your products being destroyed or stolen. Fewer handling steps are taken when goods are transported by air freight, reducing the possibility of mishaps. Because of the already noted considerable reduction in travel time, there is less room for unfavorable events to occur.
Reduced packaging and storage -Air freight often needs less packaging than other delivery methods, which helps to save weight. As a result, there is less waste, and money is saved.
Adaptable and trustworthy- Sea cargo may occasionally be unreliable. A ship’s crew may be delayed by bad weather and other circumstances. Weather-related closures of ports are a common occurrence.


Air freight is the ideal option for your company if your items need to move fast, go somewhere isolated, or benefit from increased dependability and security. Air Freight Shipping Adelaide by Freight and More Pty Ltd will make this easier and hassle-free.