Brief Guide to Premium Freight Forwarding Services in Melbourne

Freight forwarders provide an affordable and reliable way to businesses to ship goods both domestically and internationally. They are professional entities which act as an intermediary between the shippers and the cargo transportation companies to make arrangements for storage, transportation and other logistics associated with shipping goods. From negotiating freight charges and selecting carriers to preparing documents and managing inventory during transportation and storage, freight forwarders provide comprehensive services for transporting goods.

Freight and More has a highly skilled and experienced professional team well versed with the transportation and logistical requirements for both importing/exporting goods as well as domestic shipments. Thus, it offers the best services for both sea and Air Freight Shipping Melbourne. The hallmarks of this freight forwarding company are first class services and competitive prices.

Salient Features of Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Sea or ocean shipping is the most suitable option for bulk shipments on a global level. Freight and More works with leading merchant shipping lines to negotiate the cost-effective shipping rates on behalf of its clients. Moreover, the ocean freight experts of the company also determine the best shipping routes as per the nature of the cargo, budget of the shipper and other factors.

Both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea cargo are covered under the services. FCL means the cargo which fills an entire shipping container of a standard volume of 15 cubic metres. LCL refers to the cargo which cannot occupy the entire space inside a shipping container and must be grouped with cargos belonging to other shippers. Freight and More efficiently organises shipments for both FCL and LCL cargos.

Freight and More secures cargo insurance for the sea shipments at highly reasonable rates. Documentation processing for sea freights is also handled efficiently by the company. Every kind of required paperwork right from customs documents and import/export license to ocean bill of lading and insurance policy are processed.

Salient Features of Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air shipping is commonly used for transporting valuable goods and time-sensitive cargos. Freight and More is the go-to destination for Air Freight Shipping Melbourne. It handles the logistical operations to transport all kinds of air cargo such as machinery, currency notes, pharmaceutical products, perishable food items, jewellery and more. The company has extensive links with major international and domestic airline operators to facilitate smooth air freight shipping.

Freight and More books cargo spaces on passenger and specially designed cargo planes at best possible rates. The air freight experts of the company ensure optimal utilisation of the space by packing the goods accordingly. Customs, insurance and paperwork processing of all the key documents for air freight are covered under the services.


Freight and More has a wide network covering many other cities across Australia apart from Melbourne. The services of this company can be enlisted by both newly established businesses as well as big enterprises.