Freight forwarding for multiple modes of shipments in Sydney /strong>

Importing and exporting goods are complex processes for businesses anyway and managing the transportation process as well adds to the burden. Thus, companies tend to outsource the logistics of moving their goods between countries to third party entities called freight forwarders. Freight forwarders act on the behalf of shippers to execute the required procedures such as arranging for transportation, freight packaging, loading, unloading, freight consolidation, distribution and storage of the freight, freight insurance, freight tracking and more to move the shipments globally.

Freight and More is a reputed freight forwarding company dealing in both international shipments as well as domestic freight movements. It offers end-to-end services for all modes of shipments such as sea, rail, road and Air Shipment Sydney. Tailored freight forwarding solutions are provided to the clients to optimise their shipping costs and speeds.

Sea Shipments

Freight and More has extensive links with major merchant shipping companies operating all kinds of vessels for cargo transportation through sea. Consequently, it can be relied upon to book cargo spaces on board the ships at the best possible rates on behalf of the shippers. The company also provides the best advices to its clients regarding the most profitable and swift sea shipping routes as per the nature of the cargo and other factors.

Sea cargo of both categories, namely Full Container Load and Less Container Load, are managed efficiently by Freight and More. Full Container Load means the dimensions of the cargo occupies the entire shipping container and the shipper is required to rent the full container. Less Container Load means the cargo size or volume is not enough to fill the entire container and can share space in the container with other shipments. The company works with the shippers to determine whether they need FCL or LCL depending upon the cost and nature of the product, required speed of shipping, budget and other factors.

Apart from the cargo charges, port charges and other costs associated with sea shipping are also negotiated by Freight and More to get the best deals for the shippers. The agents of the company at both the origin and destination sea ports expertly handle the movements of the goods including through customs.

Air Shipments

Freight and More has links with both international and domestic airliners which enables it to manage Air Shipment Sydney. Whether it is cargo space on passenger airplanes or dedicated cargo aircrafts, the company manages the booking process at the best rates for its clients.

All kinds of legal air cargo including time sensitive and highly valuable cargos such as currency notes, medicines, machinery, perishable items and more are managed professionally by Freight and More. Agents are present at most major airports in Australia and abroad to complete the formalities to ship or receive the goods.


Freight and More has a global network of agents and offices to handle imports and exports to and from Australia. Its services are available for both new startups as well as large established business enterprises.