One-stop destination for availing freight forwarding services in Brisbane

International movement of goods is a cumbersome task for importers and exporters. Companies need to invest a lot of resources in logistics equipment, skilled labour, technical knowhow and experience for shipping consignments internationally. This is the reason why they outsource this complex process to freight forwarders well versed in managing international shipments. Freight Forwarder is a professional company specialising in transportation of cargos on behalf of the shippers in a cost-efficient manner and without delays or legal hassles.

Freight and More is a reputed freight forwarding company offering industry level expertise for a number of services such as air freight shipments, sea freight shipments, warehousing and Custom Clearance Agent Brisbane. It manages each and every aspect of cargo shipping for imported and exported goods such as freight rate negotiations, container tracking, customs clearance, document processing and more.

Comprehensive services for Sea and Air Freight

Freight and More has contacts with major merchant marine shipping lines and provides the best deals for the shippers. Both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads for importing or exporting goods are managed by this company. Full Container Load means the cargo fills the entire volume of the container. Less Container Load means the cargo does not occupy the entire container and shares the space with other cargos in the same container. The company works with the clients to determine whether they want to exclusively own the containers or share the containers with other shippers as per the dimensions and values of the cargos and budgets.

The network of agents in sea ports in most countries and in Australia enables Freight and More to efficiently send and receive sea freight in the proper manner. This company manages a large percentage of sea freight in and out of Australia.

Freight and More also has links with many major airlines to manage both international and domestic air freight. It provides complete services to ship all kinds of cargo including valuable and high risk goods within the legal ambit. This company arranges for air freight shipments through both passenger and transport aircrafts.

Customs Clearance services

Freight and More provides Custom Clearance Agent Brisbane and in other sea ports all over Australia and in most countries globally. The custom clearance agents have a thorough knowledge of the local customs regulations and prepare the necessary documents to allow the goods to pass the customs quickly. Changes made to the customs regulations in Australia or any other country are always within the knowledge of the customs agents.

Customs Clearance is a crucial service because being held up at the customs not only causes delays and financial losses for both the shippers and the recipients but also leads to legal issues.


Freight and More offers free price quotes to potential customers. To get a price quote, you simply need to either fill the online form present on the company’s official website or call the company directly.