Highly Rated Services to Simplify Freight Shipping in Fremantle

The mainstay of international shipping is movements of goods between countries. However, businesses involved in international trade usually lack the expertise and wherewithal to organise the shipment of goods to and from other countries. This problem is solved by freight forwarding companies. Freight forwarding service providers are not transportation companies but work on behalf of the shippers to handle the complicated logistics associated with freight shipping.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarder having a global network of agent offices, a large network of trusted carriers and a highly skilled and experienced team to handle both international and domestic shipments. The shippers get access to all the services for freight shipping, such as price negotiations, warehousing, import and export haulage, cargo insurance and Customs Clearance Services Fremantle.

Sea Freight Shipping

Freight and More offers efficient freight forwarding services for sea or ocean freight. It has extensive links with major merchant marine shipping companies and ensures safe and reliable sea transportation of goods. The company helps in selecting the best sea carriers and profitable sea shipping routes depending upon the specific requirements of the shippers. Negotiations are also carried out to book cargo spaces at cost-effective rates.

Both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load of sea freight are covered under the services. FCL refers to a freight requiring the entire space inside a standard shipping container. LCL cargo does not occupy the full space inside a standard shipping container. The dimensions of the cargo are measured to categorise it into FCL or LCL. Freight consolidation is offered for LCL cargos to reduce shipping costs.

The necessary documents for sea freight are prepared in accordance with the global and local rules and regulations. These include bill of lading, packing list, insurance certificate and commercial invoice.

Air Freight Shipping

Freight and More offers air freight forwarding for all kinds of time-sensitive legal cargos, such as medicines, currency notes, perishable food products, machinery and more. It works with major international and domestic airline companies to secure the best shipping rates for the shippers. Cargo spaces are booked on both passenger airplanes and cargo aircrafts, depending upon the budgets and other needs of the clients.

The goods are packed in the correct ways to suit the non-conventional shape of an aircraft and ensure effective optimisation of the paid cargo space. Documentation requirements for air freight, such as airway bill, insurance, certificate of origin and others are also fulfilled by the company.

Customs Clearance

Freight and More provides Customs Clearance Services Fremantle. Customs brokers at both the origin and destination countries ensure seamless passage of the goods through the customs checkpoints at the seaports and airports. To this end, the required customs documents, such as import or export license, shipping bill, commercial invoice, letter of credit and others are procured and submitted.


Freight and More handles diverse shipping requirements of businesses of all sizes. It is not only present in Fremantle but in many other cities across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.