Services to simplify cargo movements in Brisbane

Moving imported and exported goods through the global supply chain involves complex logistics which add significantly to the burden of businesses already encumbered by other operations. This is the reason why business enterprises delegate the task of cargo movements to third parties called freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are professional companies specialising in organising the movements of shipments from one country to another. They work on behalf of importers and exporters to ship goods legally at the best rates possible.

Freight and More is a professional freight forwarder having the wherewithal to organise the shipments of goods on an international scale and within Australia. It offers comprehensive services right from cargo space negotiations and paperwork to warehousing and export and Import Customs Clearance Brisbane for sea and air freight.

Freight Forwarding for Imported and Exported Shipments

Freight and More efficiently manages both imports and exports to and from Australia due to its vast global distribution and storage network. Its international network covers Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe and Australasia. The agents of the company, warehouses and offices present in most major countries across continents combine to execute the process flawlessly.

The services for international shipments cover everything such as booking cargo spaces on ships or airplanes, cargo insurance, cargo tracking and preparing the necessary paperwork such as import or export clearance, bill of lading, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, packing list, warehouse receipt and others. End-to-end services right from cargo pickup, transportation to the sea or airport and cargo loading to cargo tracking, delivery and compliance with the international and local rules and regulations are provided to the shippers.

Freight and More has experienced customs brokers to provide export and Import Customs Clearance Brisbane. The customs brokers are well versed with the customs rules and regulations in Australia and any other country and prepare the customs declaration form and other customs documents accordingly. The shipments are received by the customs brokers at both the origin and destination seaports or airports and moved through the customs authorities smoothly.

Freight Forwarding for Interstate Shipments

Freight and More has a fleet of transport vehicles to provide both interstate and local transportation for the goods. These include standard trucks, side loaders, drop trailers and tail lifts.


Freight and More has industry-level expertise to execute freight movements on a global level. Free price quotes can be obtained by filling the online form present on the website of this company.