International Freight Shipping Specialists in Brisbane

While shipping goods internationally opens up newer business opportunities, transporting goods across international borders while complying with a gamut of rules and regulations is a daunting proposition for most business organisations. However, this challenge can be easily met by hiring the services of a professional freight forwarder. Freight forwarders are not transportation companies but act on the behalf of the shippers to organise and coordinate freight shipping. They provide a host of supply chain services, such as ocean or air freight transportation, inland transportation, documentation, warehousing and more.

Freight and More is the premier choice for businesses seeking services for International Freight Shipping Brisbane. It is well versed in the logistical requirements of shipping goods globally and the attendant rules and regulations. The shippers get access to end-to-end supply chain services for importing and exporting their goods. Apart from international freight, the company also offers freight forwarding for interstate or domestic shipments.

Features of the International Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More has a well developed distribution and storage network spread across continents, such as Australasia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Moreover, it has vast resources and experience required for managing imports and exports. Consequently, this company is a leading provider of logistical services for International Freight Shipping Brisbane.

Freight and More selects the best International sea or air carrier, depending upon several factors such speed, cost and reliability. The shipping charges are skilfully negotiated with the carrier to get the best deal for the shipper. Inland transportation facilities are provided to transfer the goods to the point of embarkation or from the point of entry to the warehouse or final destination after the shipment reaches its destination. Freight consolidation, deconsolidation, warehousing and cargo insurance including claim filing are also covered under the services.

Documentation is an essential requirement fulfilled by the company. The import/export, customs and shipping documents are meticulously prepared in accordance with the rules and regulations. These include bill of lading or airway bill, import or export license, insurance certificate, packing list, commercial invoice, certificate of origin and purchase order. Customs brokers at both the origin and destination points ensure the smooth passage of the goods through the customs authorities.

Features of the Interstate Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More provides freight forwarding services for shipping goods within the territorial boundaries of Australia. The logistics of shipping goods through sea, air, rail or road are managed efficiently by the company in accordance with the Australian laws governing freight movements. Warehousing facilities are also available at various cities and towns across Australia.

Local door-to-door delivery services are also provided to the customers. To this end, transport vehicles such as trucks and trailers driven by licensed drivers are available for the shippers.


Freight and More has industry level expertise in freight shipping and provides exceptional customer services at competitive rates. The company can be contacted to get free price estimates.