Adroit solutions for sea and air freight forwarding in Melbourne

Freight forwarders are professionals offering expert services to move bulk shipments from one country to another. They are not transportation companies but act on behalf of the shippers to streamline and manage all the logistical requirements of freight shipping. These include everything from cargo space booking and cargo insurance to inland transportation from origin and to destination and documentation processing. The freight forwarders are well versed in the nuances and requirements of moving goods through multiple modes.

Freight and More is among the leading Melbourne Freight Forwarders for both sea and air freight to and from Australia and other countries. It is highly skilled and experienced in making arrangements for cargo movements globally on behalf of shippers. The company is known for providing world-class customer services at competitive rates.

Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More has extensive links with leading merchant marine shipping operators having worldwide networks. Using its existing links, the company negotiates the best prices for cargo movements. Both Full Container Load and Less Container Load categories of sea freights are managed efficiently. FCL means the cargo which occupies the full available space inside a standard shipping container. LCL means the cargo which is not sufficient to fill an entire shipping container. Cargo consolidation services are offered to reduce the costs of shipping LCL cargos by grouping cargos by various shippers within a single container.

The end-to-end services for sea freight include everything right from export haulage, items checkpoint and origin handling to customs clearance at both the origin and destination ports, warehousing, destination handling, import haulage and delivery. The entire set of required documentation such as lading bill, shipping bill, insurance certificate, commercial invoice, packing list and others is procured by the company.

The sea containers are constantly tracked throughout the journey and the shippers are kept updated about the same.

Air Freight Forwarding Services

Air is a faster mode of shipment and is commonly used for shipping time-sensitive goods such as express consignments and valuable items such as currency notes, gold, machinery parts, pharmaceuticals and more.

Freight and More Melbourne Freight Forwarders uses its close links with major airline companies to book cargo spaces at competitive rates. Whether it is booking cargo spaces aboard passenger airplanes or dedicated cargo airplanes, the services cover both. The company has a thorough understanding of the rules and regulations governing air freight shipping which enables it to ensure that the air shipments are transported without delays or other issues.

As regards the documents for air freight shipping such as airway bill and customs paperwork, the air freight experts of the company process each and every kind of document.


Freight and More is not just present in Melbourne but has its offices in many other cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide as well. The company caters to businesses of all sizes with different shipping requirements.