Best Professional Freight Forwarding for Sea And Air Cargo in Adelaidee

Freight forwarding refers to the strategic planning and coordination of international movements of goods through sea, air and other modes of transportation. Business enterprises lacking the expertise and resources necessary for freight forwarding hire professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are companies offering end-to-end management of cargo transportation from the shippers to the recipients. They are experts in managing the complex logistics associated with commercial cargo transportation.

Freight and More is a leading professional freight forwarder offering comprehensive logistical services to ship both air and Sea Freight Adelaide. The services cover each and every stage of freight forwarding, right from price negotiations with the transporters and warehousing to customs clearance and cargo insurance. Both international and domestic freight come under the ambit of the services.

Ocean Freight Forwarding

Ocean or sea freight refers to the cargo transported onboard merchant shipping vessels. Sea route accounts for a major part of international cargo movements due to cost effective shipping of all kinds of freight including large and heavy goods. However, sea freight shipping involves multiple complex logistical requirements requiring expert assistance.

Freight and More offers specialised forwarding services for Sea Freight Adelaide. The logistics of both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load of sea freight are handled with equal levels of expertise by the company. FCL freight means it occupies the full available space inside a standard sea shipping container. LCL freight is not sufficient in terms of dimensions to fully occupy a standard shipping container.

The company has deep links with major international merchant shipping lines and works closely with them to secure the best cargo booking rates on behalf of its clients. Best sea shipping routes and conditions are selected to ensure maximum profitability for the shippers based on the nature of the cargo and other factors. Cargo insurance coverages are also secured at competitive premiums.

Customs clearance services are provided at both the origin and destination countries. Documentation processing is also carried out to satisfy the legal formalities of sea freight shipping.

Air Freight Forwarding

Air freight is the fastest way of shipping goods which makes it the most suitable option for making time-sensitive deliveries. Since air connectivity connects almost all parts of the world, air shipping is a good option for businesses. Moreover, air shipping is highly secure since airport security measures are very tight.

Freight and More works with international and domestic airline operators to provide air freight forwarding services. It books the cargo spaces on dedicated cargo and passenger airplanes at the best rates. Depending upon the needs and budgets of the clients, different types of air cargo services such as express air service, standard air service and deferred air service are selected.

The air freight services also cover correct packaging and labeling of the goods, documentation processing, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery.


Freight and More is not only present in Adelaide but offers its services in many other cities as well in Australia. Its offices are also located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.