Premium services for freight forwarding in Adelaide

Businesses involved in importing and exporting goods for multiple reasons such as importing raw materials for manufacturing or finished goods for sales in the domestic market or exporting finished goods to distributors and retailers in other countries need to contend with the complicated logistics of global shipping. This is where professional freight forwarders come into the picture. A freight forwarding company works on behalf of shippers to plan and execute smooth movements of the goods. Each and every step of freight movements such as freight rate negotiations, customs and other documentation, cargo tracking, freight insurance, freight consolidation and more are handled by the freight forwarding company.

Freight and More is one of the leading and well known air and Sea Freight Companies Adelaide. It specialises in freight movements through sea and air routes to and from Australia to most countries all over the world. The company has the expertise to handle both sea and air shipments.

Freight forwarding for sea shipments

Sea freight makes up a major part of the global supply chain because large loads of goods are shipped through this method. It is also a cost effective options for businesses requiring to ship large loads of goods. As per standard practices, goods weighing more than 100 kilograms are transported using the sea mode.

Freight and More is among the top Sea Freight Companies Adelaide. It has links with major merchant shipping lines and has vast experience in shipping large volumes of sea freight in and out of Australian ports. The agents of the company are also present at major sea ports all over the world to facilitate smooth movements of imported and exported sea cargos.

Services are provided for managing both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads of sea freight. FCL means the cargo occupies the entire space available in the sea container, thereby requiring the shipper to book the entire container. LCL implies that the dimensions of the cargo are not enough to fill the entire space in the container which means cargos by various shippers can be put in the same container.

Freight and More handles all the processes of sea freight forwarding such as cargo space and port charges negotiations, container selection, customs, container tracking, cargo insurance and others.

Freight forwarding for air shipments

Air freight is the fastest way to transport goods internationally and is used by businesses for express shipments. High value goods such as jewellery, currency notes, electronic goods and others besides special goods requiring temperature control or special casing such as pharmaceutical products, perishable items and others are shipped through air.

Freight and More works with major international airliners to manage air freight movements. Complete services right from determining the most cost effective air routes and booking cargo spaces on passenger or cargo planes to customs clearance and cargo insurance are provided to the businesses.


Freight and More has the resources and expertise to handle freight movements of all kinds of cargos of various volumes and sizes. Its services can be enlisted by both large businesses as well as new startups.