Comprehensive Freight Shipping Management in Sydney

Supply chains in the current globalised marketplace have become international and movements of huge volumes of goods between countries is a basic requirement to keep the supply chains running. Businesses simply outsource the complicated logistics of organising freight transportations to professional freight forwarders in order to focus on other areas of their operations. Freight forwarders are not transportation companies but manage the various steps of freight transportation by acting on behalf of the shippers.

Freight and More features among the top rated Sydney Freight Forwarders for both sea and air freight shipping. It has the resources and trained staff to efficiently manage both international and domestic freight movements. The company is proficient in handling all transportation and logistical requirements of cargo movements.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for sea cargos of all sizes, weights and types. It works with major merchant marine companies to organise cargo shipping for its clients. The best cargo booking rates are negotiated depending upon the tonnage requirements, type of cargo, time flexibility, credit status and other factors. Optimal shipping routes are selected for the cargos depending upon the budgets and needs of the clients.

Sea freight forwarding is provided for both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load of cargo. FCL cargo fills an entire shipping container which makes it necessary for the shipper to book an entire container. LCL cargo, on the other hand, cannot occupy the entire space of a shipping container. In case of LCL, the company offers freight consolidation services. Freight consolidation refers to booking multiple LCL cargos aboard the same container. This leads to reduction in shipping cost since the booking price of a shipping container is shared among many shippers.

Customs and other documentation such as bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list and others are prepared by Freight and More. Other services include cargo insurance, cargo tracking, warehousing and final delivery.

Air Freight Forwarding

Freight and More is the best choice for businesses seeking Sydney Freight Forwarders for air freight as well. It works with major international airline operators to ensure fast and efficient movements of shipments. The services are available for all types of legal air cargo such as time-sensitive products, valuable items and more.

The company selects the most cost effective and fast airline routes and carriers as per the needs of its clients. Cargo spaces are booked at the best possible rates, be it cargo planes or passenger airplanes. The goods are packed as per the unique nature of cargo spaces of airplanes.

Documents such as airway bill and others are prepared as per the applicable rules and regulations. Customs clearance services are provided at both Australian and other airports all over the world.


Freight and More is capable of handling shipments of all scales and types. Hence, businesses with diverse shipping requirements can enlist the services of this company. Contact number is 03 9867 4544.