World Class Freight Forwarding Services for International and Domestic Cargo in Melbourne

Imports and exports form the backbone of global trade. However, the logistics of transporting goods over international borders are highly complicated. This is the reason why business enterprises delegate the logistical operations to organise international shipping of goods to third party entities called freight forwarders. Freight forwarders act as an intermediary between the shippers and transporters to plan and execute various processes of cargo shipping.

Freight and More has a highly trained and experienced staff with industry-level expertise in the field of freight forwarding. It offers efficient management of international freight shipping as per global rules and regulations including Trade Agreements Melbourne. Complete set of services are provided to manage each and every aspect of cargo shipping such as cargo space scheduling, price negotiations, warehousing, customs clearance and more. Apart from imports and exports, domestic freight shipping also comes under the purview of the services.

Highlights of the International Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More has a well developed logistical network covering Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia to efficiently manage global shipments between Australia and other countries. Shipments of all kinds of legal imports and exports are managed by the company. Moreover, both air and sea freight forwarding requirements are fulfilled to the letter.

The best modes of transportation are selected depending upon the budgets and other requirements of the clients. Price negotiations are carried out to secure cost-effective booking rates. Cargo space scheduling is done to manage logistics such as container load arrangements and shipment transits. Freight consolidation is also offered for less than container load cargos to reduce shipping costs. Warehouses are available to store goods awaiting transportation or prior to delivery.

Document processing for international shipments is also provided for multiple requirements including import/export license, bill of lading, airway bill, certificate of origin, commercial invoice, packing list, shipper’s letter, cargo insurance and Trade Agreements Melbourne. Customs documentation are also prepared as per the relevant rules and regulations for both export customs clearance at the origin country and import customs clearance at the destination country.

Highlights of the Domestic Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More offers freight forwarding for domestic shipments as well. It has a wide network covering the various states in Australia. All kinds of domestic freight such as sea freight, air freight, rail freight and road freight are covered under the services. The goods are shipped in accordance with the rules and regulations governing freight movements in Australia.

Local deliveries of the shipments are made by the fleet of transport vehicles owned and operated by the company. The vehicles include standard trucks, side loaders, drop trailers and tail lifts.


Freight and More seamlessly fulfils the freight forwarding needs of companies of multiple sizes with different volumes of goods. It can be contacted on 03 9867 4544 to get a free price quote.