World-Class Freight Forwarding Services in Brisbane

Freight shipping between countries is a major logistical requirement for businesses operating in the global market. It is also a challenging and complicated exercise requiring extensive planning, resources and skilled personnel. Since business enterprises often lack the required wherewithal to organise shipments of their goods especially on an international level, they seek the services of freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are professionals specialising in organising the shipments of goods. All the logistical and operational requirements of freight shipping, right from cargo booking and carrier selection to cargo insurance and paperwork are handled by the freight forwarders.

Freight and More offers comprehensive services for international freight shipping, domestic freight movements and Transport Local Brisbane. It has the skilled manpower and other resources to handle all kinds of sea or air cargo. Each and every requirement right from inland transportation and booking to customs clearance and warehousing is covered under the services.

Import/Export Shipment Services

Freight and More has a vast distribution and storage network covering Australasia, Asia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America to swiftly and efficiently handle freight shipping for imported and exported goods in and out of Australia and other countries. It is well versed in the rules and regulations applicable to global freight movements to complete the process correctly.

The experts of the company help in selecting the ocean or air carriers depending upon the specific requirements and budgets of the clients. Negotiations are carried out get the best cargo booking rates and cargo insurance premiums. Transportation arrangements are made for the cargo to reach the port or airport from the client’s warehouse or any other location. The cargo is monitored throughout the journey and the shipper is notified when the cargo reaches the destination. Finally, arrangements are made to deliver the cargo to the final destination.

Freight an More also processes the documents required for international freight shipping. The experts of the company determine the documents required specific to the cargo and arrange for the same. There are multiple kinds of essential documents such as certificate of origin, commercial invoice, import or export license, bill of lading or airway bill, packing list and others.

The customs agents of the company prepare the required customs documentation to ensure passage of the goods through the customs authorities at both the origin and destination countries.

Interstate and Local Shipment Services

Freight and More offers freight forwarding for domestic shipments between various states in Australia. The services are offered for all modes of transportation such as railways, road, sea and air. Interstate shipments are transported in accordance with the applicable laws in Australia. The company also offers Transport Local Brisbane for doorstep-to-doorstep deliveries of goods.


Freight and More is known for its industry-level services provided at competitive rates and best customer service. An enquiry form hosted on the company’s website can be filled to get free price quotes.