World-Class Freight Forwarding for Sea and Air Shipments in Melbourne

Freight forwarders provide end-to-end cargo transportation solutions including cross-border transits to business enterprises engaged in global trade. They are not transportation companies themselves but act on behalf of shippers to move shipments efficiently. Freight forwarding services involve management of multiple logistical processes including booking space with carriers, warehousing, getting cargo insurance and customs clearance. The factors to look for when selecting a freight forwarder include experience, reputation, industries served, expertise, pricing and services offered.

Freight and More is a leading professional freight forwarder offering industry experience and high-end expertise in the field of freight forwarding. It provides complete services for both international and domestic freight shipping via sea or air carriers. The businesses get access to professional assistance to manage multiple types of logistical requirements, such as rate negotiations, export or import haulage, warehousing, cargo insurance and Port Clearance Melbourne.

Sea Freight Forwarding

Sea or ocean shipping is a highly cost-effective and popular mode for transporting goods. As per an estimate, about 90% of the goods shipped all over the world come under the category of sea freight. Sea freight is the perfect option for shipping heavier and large-volume items.

Freight and More is well equipped to coordinate the transportation of sea shipments between countries. It has strong links with major merchant shipping companies to facilitate smooth negotiations on behalf of the shippers and obtain the best rates. The services are provided for both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load of sea freight. FCL freight refers to the cargo which fills the entire space within a shipping container. LCL freight refers to smaller and lightweight items which cannot fill an entire shipping container. Freight consolidation services are offered to group LCL cargo with goods belonging to other entities within a single container in order to reduce shipping costs..

Sea freight forwarding services cover each and every step, right from packing and loading to unloading, storage and delivery. Agents are provided to complete the process of import and export customs Port Clearance Melbourne. Documentation processing services are also provided to prepare various documents required for international sea shipping such as bill of lading, packing list, letter of credit and more.

Air Freight Forwarding

Freight and More provides freight forwarding for air shipping of legal cargos, such as perishable food products, pharmaceutical products, machinery parts, jewelry and others. It works with major international and domestic airline operators to negotiate cargo booking charges on cargo planes or passenger aircrafts.

Apart from tariff negotiations, the company also ensures that the goods are packed to effectively optimise the cargo space of an aircraft. The required documents for air shipping including airway bill and customs are also prepared.


Freight and More can be hired by businesses of all sizes to fulfil their freight shipping needs. Apart from Melbourne, the company operates in many other cities including Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide.