End-To-End Services for Freight Shipping in Brisbane

Importing and exporting creates profitable opportunities for businesses by enabling them to trade on a global scale. However, the logistics associated with international shipping are highly complicated, requiring expertise and resources which are often not at the disposal of business organisations. Thus, the best solution for businesses is to outsource the process of freight shipping management to professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are companies well versed in the nuances of international shipping and carry out all the tasks for organising freight movements between countries.

Freight and More has the wherewithal and expertise to strategically plan and execute the logistics of international freight shipping. Its services are available for shipping both sea and Air Freight Brisbane. Each and every aspect of freight shipping, right from rate negotiations and documentation to cargo insurance and freight consolidation, is managed efficiently by this freight forwarder.

International Freight Movements

Freight and More has a global network of agents, offices and warehouses covering Europe, Asia, Africa, The Americas and Australasia which enables it to manage freight shipments all over the world. Whether it is sea or Air Freight Brisbane, the company works with international sea shipping lines and airlines respectively to efficiently carry out the freight forwarding processes for cargos coming in and going out of Brisbane and other locations in Australia and abroad.

Freight and More negotiates with the sea or air carriers to get cost-effective shipping rates for the shippers. The best rates are obtained while balancing the needs of the shippers regarding the nature of the cargo, time flexibility, space/tonnage requirements, budget and other factors. Moreover, cargo insurance policies are also obtained at the best rates. Cargo tracking is done throughout the transit process to keep the shippers informed about the status of their goods. Warehousing facilities are available at both the origin and destination countries.

The company has its own dedicated customs agents at the origin and destination countries to prepare and present the required customs documents for the freight to the authorities. Other important documentation for international freight shipping, such as airway bill, bill of lading, certificate of origin, export/import license and more are also prepared by the experts of the company.

Domestic Freight Movements

Freight and More also provides domestic freight forwarding for shipping goods within Australia. The domestic freight forwarding network covers all the regions, such as South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania. The domestic freight services are available for sea, air, rail and road freight or a combination of one or more transport modes, depending upon several factors.

Local transport fleets are also available for local door-to-door delivery of the shipments.


Freight and More not only operates in Brisbane but can also be contacted by businesses located in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. Free price quotes for the services can be obtained by filling an online enquiry form on the company’s website.