Hire the best Air Freight Services for your belongings

Are you looking for someone who can help you with urgent freight solutions? Then look for an experienced service provider like Freight and More, a company that handles urgent freight solutions. Its paramount goal is to meet the distinct needs of its customers. They have a variety of services, which are all conducted to assure convenience and effectiveness in delivery. So, if you want Air Freight Company Melbourne, then you must look for the best one only.

Services Offered By Freight And More:

Express Delivery:

Freight and More offers express delivery services suitable for emergency shipping. This provision assures speed without neglecting safety. All shipments reach their destination in the shortest time, so customers have come to rely on them for better delivery services.

Custom Solutions:

The company offers customized solutions for different freight needs. It handles all categories of parcels and large cargo. Freight and More tailors its services to specific needs. The team works closely with clients to design the best shipping plan, defining it in the face of competition.

Tracking and Support:

Freight and More provides customers with the latest tracking information, allowing them to monitor their shipments with ease and assure peace of mind and accountability. In addition, the company has put in place a dedicated support staff available around the clock to aid with any necessary inquiry. Their commitment to customer service is impressive.

Experienced Team:

The company employs qualified logisticians and experienced pilots. The valuable experience harnessed in the team members helps the company be effective. Logistics is done precisely and with great care, boosting all aspects of the services provided.

Customer Satisfaction And Positive Feedback:

Freight and More gets positive feedback from clients. Customers always praise them for their punctuality and reliable services. Customer satisfaction has gone a long way by enabling the company to expand its clientele base. This makes the satisfied company core clients repeat their time business.

Flexible Scheduling:

The firm provides flexible scheduling because it believes in the uniqueness of each customer’s needs. The company schedules last-minute changes and emergency requests. Flexibility is why many firms consider them. Adapting to customer requirements is one of their strengths.

Competitive Prices:

Freight and More offers competitive prices for its service. They offer quality services at friendly prices. This attracts many potential customers. They give value for their money without lowering the quality of their services. The pricing helps them enjoy a competitive edge in the market.


Freight and More ranks among the best Air Freight Company Melbourne. The company offers an array of services that address customers’ needs. It is unique because it offers safety, reliability, and ultimate satisfaction for its customers. With a devoted team and reliable fleets, they have guaranteed timely and secure goods delivery.