Professional services for international supply chain logistics

Shipping goods on an international level opens up the business opportunities for companies on much larger scale and gives a huge fillip to the revenues and profits. However, managing the complicated logistics of imports and exports is a daunting task for business enterprises which are already burdened by other business operations. Thus, the job of managing the entire process of cargo shipping can be delegated to a freight forwarder. Freight forwarder is a company specialising in arrangement of cargo on behalf of the shippers. The services cover everything from ocean or air freight transportation and inland transportation from the origin to the destination to freight consolidation/deconsolidation and customs clearance.

Freight and More is a professionally competent and experienced freight forwarder offering comprehensive ocean and Air Freight Delivery Services Sydney. It handles all the logistical and transportation requirements of moving international shipments. Whether it is booking cargo space or cargo insurance and container tracking or warehousing and delivery, the services cover each and every aspect of freight movements globally.

Air freight movements

Cargos which either need to be delivered in the shortest possible time or have immensely high values are shipped through the air route. These can be currency notes, jewellery, pharmaceutical products, perishable items, machinery parts and more.

Freight and More is a specialist provider of Air Freight Delivery Services Sydney to ship goods through specially designed cargo aircrafts or passenger airplanes. The company has strong links with major airline operators which enables it to negotiate the prices better and ship the goods at optimum costs. Air freight experts plan the entire logistics of air shipments based on a plethora of factors such as weight and volume of the goods, value of the goods, packaging, distance to travel, handling cost of the cargo and more.

Freight and More has complete knowledge of the rules and regulations governing air shipments. It prepares the required documents for air freights such as air way bill, customs paperwork, insurance and others.

Ocean freight movements

Freight and More works with major merchant shipping lines to provide ocean shipping services at the best rates to its customers. A major part of the ocean freight in and out of Sydney and other Australian ports is managed by this company. Both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea cargo are covered under the services. FCL means the entire shipping container is occupied by the cargo while LCL implies that the cargo cannot fill an entire shipping container and shares space with other cargos.

From negotiating rates for cargo spaces onboard ships and port charges to customs clearance and cargo insurance and container tracking, Freight and More efficiently manages each and every aspect of ocean shipping.


The hallmarks of Freight and More are industry expertise, high-end customer service and competitive rates. Price estimates can be obtained from the company without any charges by simply placing a call.