High-End Services For Freight Forwarding In Brisbane

Cargo movement is an important part of the supply chain for companies engaged in import and export of goods. Managing the logistics of freight shipping is a very complex exercise which can lead to delays and losses if not handled properly. Thus, outsourcing this task to freight forwarders is a prudent course of action for businesses. Freight Forwarders act as intermediaries between the shipper and the receiver of the goods. They do not ship the goods themselves but they arrange for freight movements through air or sea or rail and other modes, negotiate best possible prices with the shipping companies, manage the documentation, store the goods and ensure deliveries at optimum costs.

Freight and More is a highly professional and reliable freight forwarding company offering the best services for export and import of goods to and from Australia. It is the most suitable option for businesses seeking sea or Air Freight Forwarder Brisbane. Thus, this company is capable of handling the logistics of both sea and air cargo.

Freight forwarding for air shipments

Air freight means the cargo shipped through chartered or commercial air carriers. It is a highly suitable option for transporting time-sensitive or highly valuable goods. Express deliveries are fulfilled with the help of air shipments. Freight and More is a leading Air Freight Forwarder Brisbane. It has links with a plethora of major airliners to efficiently carry out air freight forwarding.

Freight and More manages all kinds of air cargo including those in the high-value and hazardous categories. Depending upon the requirements of the clients, this company can arrange for freight transportation either through dedicated cargo aircrafts or passenger airplanes. The air cargos are shipped in a cost-effective, timely, efficient and secure manner.

Air freight forwarding services are provided for both international shipments as well as for shipments within Australia.

Freight forwarding for sea shipments

Freight and More has connections with many major transoceanic merchant liners to ship goods through the sea route. It offers sea freight forwarding services for both Full Container Load and Less Container Load. Full Container Load means the volume and other dimensions of the cargo are enough to fill a container completely. Less Container Load means the cargo is not enough to fill a container and needs to be transported along with other goods in the same container.

The services cover optimisation of freight charges, container tracking, documentation and customs clearance at the ports.

Freight forwarding for other modes

Freight and More has a fleet of conventional trucks, side loaders, drop trailers, tail lifts and other kinds of transport vehicles for interstate shipping within Australia. It also has links with railway companies for carrying out freight forwarding for rail cargo.


A free price quote can be obtained from Freight and More by either filling up the enquiry form present on its website or making a call directly or contacting the company through its email address.