Professional freight forwarding for air and sea cargo in Fremantle

Transporting and delivering shipments make up an essential component of supply chain management. However, in view of the complex and time-consuming exercise of moving cargos, most companies enlist the services of third-party logistics services called freight forwarders to manage their shipments. Freight forwarding companies assist businesses in transporting their goods from one place to another through single or multiple carriers. Each and every aspect of freight forwarding such as freight charges, freight insurance, import and exports customs clearance, essential documentation and more are managed professionally by freight forwarding companies.

Freight and More has industry-level expertise and vast experience in handling all transportation and logistical requirements for moving shipments within and outside Australia. The company offers both sea and Air Freight Services Fremantle for both imported and exported goods.

Shipping through Sea Carriers

Freight and More has connections with most leading merchant marine shipping lines and provides the best services for transporting sea freight. The company handles both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads of sea freight. FCL means the whole cargo is owned by the shipper because either the cargo size is enough to fill the entire container or the value of the cargo is high enough to merit a whole container. LCL means the cargo must share space with other cargos belonging to various shippers within the same container.

Freight and More negotiates the most suitable rates for freight charges, port charges, cargo insurance and other costs associated with sea freight on behalf of its clients. The containers onboard the ships are tracked to keep the shippers updated about the movements of their cargos. Customs agents are present at the ports within Australia and other countries to pick up the shipments and expedite the clearance of the goods through the customs authorities.

Shipping through Air Carriers

Freight and More provides Air Freight Services Fremantle for cargos which need to be delivered much quicker than afforded by ships due to their high values or time sensitive delivery requirements. The company has extensive connections with the major domestic and international airliners to book air charters for the cargos on behalf of its clients. Cargo spaces are booked on cargo planes or passenger aircrafts depending upon the dimensions and nature of the cargo.

The experts at Freight and More simplify the complex process of air freight shipping and enable the shippers to get the best air shipping options at competitive rates. The agents of this company are present at all the major airports in Australia and abroad to receive and pass the air shipments through customs at the airports and deliver them to their intended destinations.


Freight and More not only operates in Fremantle but in many other cities across Australia such as Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and more. The global network of this company makes cargo movements to and from most countries in the world a simple affair for the shippers.