Best Freight Forwarding for Multimodal Shipping in Brisbane

Shipping goods across the world is a crucial logistical exercise for the global supply chain, but is a highly complicated process. This is the reason why businesses commonly work with freight forwarders to ship their goods. Freight forwarders are logistical experts acting as middlemen between the shippers and the transportation companies and other authorities to plan and manage the freight shipping process from beginning to end. The chief responsibilities of freight forwarders include rate negotiations, paperwork handling, customs clearance, export haulage, destination handling and import haulage.

Freight and More has the resources and expertise to provide freight forwarding services for both ocean and Air Shipment Brisbane. Its comprehensive set of services cover all aspects of transporting goods from one country to another or between various states right within Australia. Whether it is cargo space booking and cargo insurance or origin/destination handling and documentation, the services cater to each and every requirement of freight shipping.

Overview of the Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More specialises in managing transportation of goods via sea routes from one country to another across continents. It has a broad network of reputed ocean freight carriers which helps in getting the most favourable cargo shipping rates for the shippers. Apart from cost negotiations, the services also include expert assistance in selecting the optimum routes, times and costs for ocean freight shipping.

The company handles export haulage, arrival handling and import haulage with the highest degree of efficiency. Export haulage involves packing and labelling the goods, and transporting the same to the port. Arrival handling entails taking possession of the goods at the destination. Import haulage refers to transportation of the freight to its final destination. Customs and other paperwork are prepared to get the goods cleared from the customs authorities at both the origin and destination ports.

Ocean freight forwarding services cover both Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. FCL cargo requires the entire space inside a standard shipping container. LCL cargo, on the other hand, can be grouped with other goods inside a shipping container. Freight consolidation services are provided for LCL cargo to reduce costs.

Overview of the Air Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More provides quick and efficient freight forwarding for Air Shipment Brisbane requiring quick transit within tight delivery schedules. It works with major international and domestic airline companies to negotiate the best deals on behalf of the shippers. The services are available for all kinds of legal cargos qualified for air shipping.

All the logistical procedures, such as specialised packing to fit the non-traditional cargo space of an aircraft, cargo insurance, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery are handled professionally. Documentation processing including airway bills is also completed in the correct manner.


Freight and More has a wide network of offices including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. The company can be contacted on 909 657 2345 or through its email address