Best Freight Shipping Solutions for Sea and Air Shipments in Melbourne

Freight forwarders are professional companies specialising in organising the movements of goods between countries. The goods can be anything such as finished products or raw materials which need to be shipped from one country to another. Business enterprises involved in importing and exporting goods particularly need the services of freight forwarders to meet the logistical challenges involved in international shipping. A freight forwarding company not only ensures safe and secure movements of goods at cost effective rates but also takes charge of the paperwork and customs clearance.

Freight and More offers the best solutions for transporting sea and Air Shipment Melbourne, tailored to the specific needs and budgets of its clients. The comprehensive services cover each and every step required to ship cargos globally via sea or air. Warehousing facilities are also provided to store the goods before or after shipping.

Sea Shipping Solutions

Most used medium for freight shipping in the world is sea with maximum percentage of heavy cargo taking the sea route in shipping containers. Apart from being the most suitable shipping mode for bulk shipments, sea freight costs much less as compared to air freight with an estimated $0.5 per kg.

Freight and More not only determines the best sea shipping routes on behalf of the shippers but also negotiates the best cargo booking charges with the carriers. It has good links with major merchant shipping vessel operators which helps in getting the best possible deals. Apart from cargo booking costs, the company also handles all other charges such as terminal handling, charges, customs brokerage, routing charges, insurance premium, accessorial charges and others.

Sea freight forwarding services of Freight and More cover both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea cargo. FCL cargo fills the entire space in a standard shipping container while LCL cargo cannot fully occupy a shipping container. Freight consolidation services are offered to group various LCL cargos by different shippers in the same container to reduce costs.

Air Shipping Solutions

Air is the best mode for shipping goods over long distances within short periods of time. Thus, air shipping is a preferred mode for time-sensitive goods. Highly valuable goods can also be shipped via air because air cargos are more tightly regulated as compared to sea cargo.

Freight and More offers complete freight forwarding services for Air Shipment Melbourne. It works with major international and domestic airline operators to negotiate the best cargo booking charges onboard charter aircrafts or commercial passenger airplanes. The company handles the complete process such as cargo handling at origin, customs and other paperwork, unloading and final delivery.


Freight and More deploys highly skilled and experienced professionals to handle the international and domestic freight shipment needs of its clients. Contact number of the company is 03 9867 4544.