High-end freight forwarding services in Brisbane

Importing and exporting goods in bulk is a time consuming and costly affair for manufacturers and other businesses requiring bulk shipments as a part of their business operations. The solution is to hire a freight forwarding company. The job of a freight forwarding company is to act as an intermediary between the shipping companies and the businesses needing bulk shipments and manage the entire transportation process right from storing the goods to custom clearance.

Freight and More is the best choice for businesses seeking Brisbane Freight Forwarders. It is an international freight forwarding company offering comprehensive services to enable smooth movement of goods. The services cover both international and interstate movements of bulk shipments Warehousing facilities are also provided to the clients.

Sea freight forwarding services

Freight and More has a wide network of agents in most countries all over the world and links with many major merchant shipping companies to execute smooth movement of sea cargo in and out of the port of Brisbane and other ports in Australia. Whether a business needs to import or export goods through the sea route, the sea freight forwarding services of this company manages the process efficiently.

Both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads are covered by the sea freight services offered by Freight and More. Full Container Load means the volume of the client’s goods is enough to fill a single container which is then sealed. Less Container Load means the client’s goods cannot fill the entire container and are transported in a single container along with the goods belonging to other clients. LCL is a cost effective method to ship goods which do not fill a container. However, the clients wanting more security for their goods even if they are not numerous enough can always choose FCL over LCL.

Sea containers of multiple dimensions with respect to internal length, internal width, internal height, capacity, rack weight, container weight and max payload weight are available to ship the goods.

Air freight forwarding services

Goods which are of very high value or required to be delivered within a narrow time frame qualify as air cargo. Freight and More Brisbane Freight Forwarders efficiently handles air cargo. It has connections with a large number of major international airliners to quickly book cargo spaces in airplanes departing to and coming from countries all over the world and within cities in Australia.

The clients are given multiple options to choose from a wide range of air freight services as per their specific requirements. The lead time can also be selected as per the required time frame to complete the process. The usual lead times offered are standard 3-5 days, economy 5-7 days and excess 1-2 days.


Freight and More offers flexible services to its clients as per their needs. The goods are moved in complete accordance with the applicable Australian and international laws.