Professional International and Domestic Freight Forwarding Services in Melbourne

Freight forwarding refers to the coordination and shipment of goods from one country to another via a single or multiple carriers. The basic premise of freight forwarding is safe, efficient and cost-effective transfer of goods. However, freight forwarding is a highly complicated process and most business organisations lack the expertise and resources to successfully undertake it. Thus, hiring professional freight forwarding services is the best option for them. Freight forwarding companies are fluent in the logistical and other requirements of shipping by land, sea, air or rail, and manage each and every process associated with freight shipping.

Freight and More offers comprehensive services to ensure seamless transfer of goods from one place to another. Its services cover both international freight shipping as well as domestic freight shipping. The services cater to each and every requirement of freight shipping, right from tariff negotiations and cargo insurance to documentation processing and Custom Clearance Agent Melbourne.

Import and Export Freight Forwarding

Freight and More specialises in the complex logistics of freight forwarding on a global scale. It has a well developed distribution and storage network covering Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australasia to facilitate smooth international movements of goods. The company is well versed in both logistical and regulatory requirements of international shipping.

Freight and More offers freight forwarding for imported and exported goods shipped through sea and air routes. Depending upon the nature of the cargo, required shipping speed, budget of shipper and other factors, the most suitable mode of transportation and carrier are selected. The company negotiates the shipping charges on behalf of the shipper to secure a cost-effective deal and purchases the best cargo insurance.

Documents required for international freight shipping are prepared in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations. These include bill of lading, airway bill, commercial invoice, shipper’s export declaration, import or export license and certificate of origin. Furthermore, the company also deploys Customs Clearance Agent Melbourne and other points of entry and exit in Australia and abroad. The customs agents handle the process of clearing the goods through customs authorities by preparing and submitting the customs documents. The customs agents are well versed in the applicable customs regulations in Australia and specific countries.

Interstate Freight Forwarding

Freight and More also offers freight forwarding services for interstate or domestic shipments within Australia. Its network covers all the regions of Australia such as Northern Territory, Western Australia, Southern Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and New South Wales. Domestic freight forwarding is available for sea, air, rail and road cargo.

Local freight deliveries are completed with the help of transport vehicles of multiple kinds, such as standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers.


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