Comprehensive solutions for freight movements in Melbourne

International shipping demands complex logistical operations which tend to become costly and cumbersome for the businesses involved in import and export of goods. In such a scenario, the services of freight forwarders become essential. Freight Forwarders carry out strategic logistics planning and execution to ensure smooth movements of international shipments. The freight forwarding companies act on behalf of the businesses exporting or importing goods to carry out various tasks such as rate negotiations with the carriers, freight consolidation, custom clearance, container tracking and more.

Freight and More is a highly experienced freight forwarding company dealing with all kinds of shipments such as sea, air, rail and road. It provides complete services pertaining to transportation, logistical and legal requirements including Custom Clearance Melbourne. Apart from international shipments, it also offers freight forwarding services for interstate shipments within Australia and even local shipments in and around Melbourne.

Multiple shipping modes covered

Freight and More has a vast experience in freight forwarding through the sea route. It works with many merchant shipping lines to get the best deals for its clients. The sea freight forwarding services cover both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads. The agents of this company present in most countries all over the world help in smooth movements of sea shipments through various ports. Services are also provided to import goods through various ports of Australia.

Freight and More manages air cargo as well. It has links with many major airliners and can be relied upon to book cargo spaces in the airplanes at the best rates on behalf of its clients. Regardless of whether the air freight is to be shipped to a foreign country or within the territorial boundaries of Australia, this company executes flawless logistical and other operations. As regards the nature of the cargo, any kind of legal cargo including high-value and hazardous goods are handled efficiently by this company.

Freight and More can arrange for freight movements through the roads and highways onboard trucks, trailers, side loaders and other kinds of cargo vehicles. It also works with railroad companies to execute freight forwarding through trains.

International/Domestic/Local freight forwarding

Freight and More has a large network of distribution and storage facilities and agents in multiple continents such as Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa. Thus, it is capable of handling international shipments. The trained and qualified agents of this company provide smooth Custom Clearance Melbourne for hassle-free movements of shipments through the custom authorities. The custom brokers have the required knowledge of different custom protocols and standards varying from one country to another.

Freight and More manages interstate freight movements to and from Melbourne through sea, air, rail or road. Door-to-door service is also offered for local freight forwarding within or near Melbourne.


Freight and More offers its services to both new startups and established businesses. A free no-obligation price quote can be obtained by contacting this company through phone, sending an email or filling an online form.