End-to-End Freight Forwarding Services for Imports and Exports in Perth

Global shipping of goods is a basic requirement for businesses dealing in imports and exports. However, moving cargos all over the world is a complex undertaking with everything right from securing transportation and complying with international regulations to customs clearance and delivery requiring efficient handling. This is where professional freight forwarders come into the picture. Freight forwarders are not transportation companies but act as agents of business organisations to handle the logistical processes required to ship goods internationally.

Freight and More has the requisite expertise and experience in managing the movements of international freight. It offers a complete set of freight forwarding services to importers and exporters, right from booking space with carriers and cargo insurance to securing warehouse space and Custom Clearance Perth. Apart from international shipping, the company also manages domestic freight movements.

Global and Domestic Shipment Services

Freight and More offers seamless management of international freight shipping on the back of its extensive global network. The company has its offices, agents and warehouses in Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia to facilitate freight movements to and from Australia and other countries. Main features of its international freight forwarding services are as follows

• Sea and Air freight forwarding to and from seaports and airports across Australia and abroad
• Document processing for international shipments. These include import/export license, bill of lading or airway bill, commercial invoice, certificate of origin, letter of credit, special certificates required by the government agencies in the origin and destination countries and other documents as per the applicable international rules and regulations specific to the cargo
• Cargo insurance to protect the shippers against financial losses. The best coverage options for protection against damage, theft or loss are provided to the shippers based on their specific requirements and budgets
• Pickup from the supplier, inland transportation to the seaport or airport, customs clearance, warehousing and delivery
• Technological support such as real-time shipment tracking

Freight and More also offers domestic freight forwarding services for cargo movements between various states in Australia. The services are available for multiple modes of transportation such as sea, air, road and railways. Shippers are offered both Free On Board and Ex Works agreements as per their needs.

Customs Services

Freight and More provides Custom Clearance Perth and other locations within and outside Australia. The customs brokers at both the origin and destination countries are well versed with the local customs rules and regulations, and can be relied upon to carry out import and export customs clearance without hassles and holdups.

Essential customs documentation such as customs declaration form, packing list, customs bonds, insurance and others are managed by the customs brokers of the company.


Freight and More provides tailored shipping solutions to all kinds of businesses right from small startups to huge enterprises. A free price quote for the services can be obtained by filling an enquiry form on the company’s website or contacting it on phone.