High-end freight forwarding services in Brisbane

Globalised marketplace means complex international supply chains requiring simultaneous management of a wide range of logistical functions which become too tough to manage for businesses involved in imports and exports. The role of freight forwarders becomes important under this scenario. Freight forwarders are not carriers themselves but act as an intermediary between the shippers and the carriers to carry out all the functions associated with freight movements. These functions include but not limited to rate negotiations, cargo space scheduling, warehousing, customs brokerage, freight consolidation and cargo insurance.

Freight and More has the resources and experience to efficiently manage the movements for both sea and air shipments or freight. It provides a comprehensive set of freight forwarding services including Customs Clearance Services Brisbane to ensure hassle-free transportation of both imported and exported goods.

Sea and Air Freight Management

Sea shipping is a profitable and cost-effective method of shipping heavy and huge volumes of goods. Sea cargo accounts for a major percentage of global shipping. Freight and More has links with major shipping lines operating vessels of various tonnages and sizes. Consequently, it is able to negotiate the best freight rates on behalf of its clients on the basis of size and tonnage requirements, time flexibility, credit status and more. Other aspects of sea freight forwarding such as port charges negotiations, container selection, container tracking, cargo insurance and more also managed by the company.

Freight and More offers services for both Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. Full Container Load or FCL refers to the cargo which has enough dimensions to fill an entire shipping container. Less than Container Load or LCL is the cargo which cannot occupy the entire space in a container. Freight consolidation service is provided for LCL cargo. In this type of service, the shipping costs are reduced by booking multiple consignments for the same container.

Air freight forwarding also features among the services of Freight and More. The company has extensive connections with major international airliners to facilitate cargo space booking onboard passenger and cargo airplanes at the best possible rates. Freight management services are provided for all kinds of air cargo such as currency notes, machinery parts, perishable items and more.

Customs Services

Freight and More has licensed and experienced customs brokers to provide Customs Clearance Services Brisbane for sea and air cargos. The customs brokers are proficient in preparing the necessary customs documentation in accordance with the applicable customs rules and regulations.

Customs agents are deployed at both airports and seaports within Australia and abroad to get the shipments past customs authorities. The services ensure that the goods are not held up or confiscated by the customs officials.


Freight and More facilities easy and smooth movements of goods globally. Its services can be enlisted by both big businesses with large scale operations as well as small and medium sized enterprises.