Best freight forwarding solutions for businesses in Melbourne

Global shipping involves a number of complex processes right from managing transportation, complying with international regulations, documentation, warehousing, customs clearance and more. Business organisations dealing with import and export of goods do not have the required resources, expertise and the knowhow to manage the shipment of their goods. This is where professional freight forwarders come into the picture. Freight forwarders provide end-to-end services to the businesses to ship their goods. They are not transportation companies but manage the logistics of transportation such as booking carrier space, customs brokerage, warehousing, cargo insurance and more on behalf of their clients.

Freight and More provides comprehensive services for both international and domestic movements of goods right from booking cargo spaces to Customs Clearance Services Melbourne. The professionals of this company have industry-level expertise and immense experience to efficiently manage freight movements.

International freight forwarding

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for shipping goods to and from Australia and abroad. Whether the goods are to be imported or exported through sea or air route, the company manages the entire process with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism.

International movements of goods is made possible by the extensive network of agents and offices of Freight and More covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America and Australasia. Apart from selecting the best sea or air routes and cost effective carrier spaces, the company also prepares the required documents to import or export goods. The documentation can be anything such as commercial invoice, letter of credit, bill of lading, power of attorney and others. The services also ensure that the rules and regulations governing international shipments are followed to the letter.

Customs Clearance

Customs requirements for importing and exporting goods are complex. To this end, Freight and More provides Customs Clearance Services Melbourne for getting the imported or exported shipments past the customs authorities in Australia and any other country. The customs brokers of the company manage the entire customs clearance process as per the applicable rules and regulations.

Freight and More complete the customs procedures such as obtaining customs bond and country of origin certificate, description of the goods, customs declaration sheet, notification to the destination port of the shipment and more. The customs clearance services ensure that the shipments are not held up or seized by the customs authorities due to lack of necessary documentation.

Interstate freight forwarding

Freight and More provides also provides freight forwarding services to transport goods from one state to another within Australia. Depending upon the nature of the cargo, the transportation mode can be sea, air, rail or road or a combination of all. The company also has a fleet of transport vehicles for transporting shipments by road.


Freight and More is present in many other places in Australia apart from Melbourne. These include Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane. An enquiry form on the website of the company can be filled to get a price quote.