Comprehensive services for moving cargos in Perth

Freight Forwarding Services work on behalf of the shippers to manage all the processes associated with cargo movements across countries. There are multiple kinds of services provided by freight forwarders such as determining the best shipping routes for cargos depending upon various factors, negotiating freight charges and other costs, customs clearance and compliance with other regulatory requirements, cargo insurance, container tracking, warehousing and more. In a nutshell, the job of a freight forwarding company is to ensure smooth cargo movements on behalf of its clients.

Freight and More has vast experience in the freight forwarding industry and a highly professional team to efficiently execute both international and domestic freight forwarding operations. The company has the expertise to manage both sea and air freight and offers complete services for exported and imported goods including Customs Clearance Services Perth.

Freight Forwarding via Sea

Freight and More provides the best solutions for sea cargo movements. The company has extensive links with many major transoceanic merchant shipping liners which enables it to book cargo spaces on merchant shipping vessels at the best possible rates. Other charges such as port costs, documentation costs and others are also optimised to suit the requirements of the shippers.

Both Full Container Loads and Less Container Loads sea freight are handled by Freight and More. Full Container Load means the entire container is owned by the shipper of the cargo present in it. The need for FCL arises either when the dimensions of the cargo are enough to occupy the entire space in the container or the cargo has a very high value. Less Container Load means the space inside the container is shared between different cargos. The shipper can opt for LCL if the size of the cargo is not enough to fill the entire space inside the container.

Freight and More manages both incoming and outgoing sea cargo from multiple ports in Australia and other countries.

Freight Forwarding via Air

Cargos which need to be delivered swiftly or high value cargos are usually shipped by air. Freight and More works with many major airlines and books cargo spaces onboard cargo planes or passenger aircrafts at competitive rates. The company handles all kinds of legal air cargos.

Freight and More has its agents at major airports within and outside Australia to facilitate export and import of goods through the air route.

Customs and Warehousing services

Freight and More provides Customs Clearance Services Perth through its customs brokers who are well versed with the customs rules and regulations, regardless of the origin and destination country of the cargo. The customs brokers prepare the required documentation to pass the goods through the customs officials in complete compliance with the applicable laws.

Freight and More offers warehousing facilities for shipments slated for export, imported cargos and for temporary storage prior to delivery to the receiver.


Freight and More has a wide network of offices within Australia and many other countries all over the world. Tailored freight forwarding services are provided to both new businesses as well as major established business enterprises.