Importing and Exporting made simpler in Brisbane

The movements of goods between countries are subjected to not only the international regulations but also the local regulations of the origin and destination countries. Moreover, the complex logistics involved in international movements of goods can quickly turn into a nightmare for any business organisation. This is the reason most business entities dealing in imports and exports delegate the logistics of transporting their goods to third parties called freight forwarders. Freight forwarders have the expertise and resources to manage international shipping on behalf of their clients.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarder having an expert professional team well versed with the intricacies of international freight forwarding. The company provides services to fulfil all the transportation, logistical and legal requirements including import and Export Customs Clearance Brisbane. Apart from international shipping, services are also provided for interstate shipping within Australia.

Freight forwarding for importing/exporting goods

Freight and More has a widespread distribution and storage network comprising of agents, offices and warehouses covering Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia. As a result, it is capable of managing international freight shipping of all volumes and sizes and nature. The company is adept at freight forwarding through both sea and air routes.

Whether it is cargo space rates negotiations or profitable route selection or cargo tracking or cargo insurance, Freight and More manages each and every aspect of international shipping. The company also ensures proper compliance with the international and local rules and regulations. The experts of the company prepare and procure the necessary paperwork such as commercial invoice, certificate of origin, import or export clearance, bill of lading, insurance proof, inspection report, packing list, shipping bill and any other relevant documents.

Freight and More also offers import and Export Customs Clearance Brisbane. The agents of the company are present at the sea and airports within Australia and other countries to receive incoming goods or send off outgoing goods. Customs agents correctly prepare the customs declaration form and other required documents to enable the imported or exported goods to pass the scrutiny of the customs authorities.

Freight forwarding for interstate shipments

Freight and More also offers freight forwarding services to move goods between states in Australia. The shipments are moved though road, rail, sea, air or a combination of multiple modes depending upon the distance, nature of cargo, cost and other factors. The company has its offices and agents in various cities across Australia.

Local door-to-door transportation for goods are also offered by Freight and More. To this end, the company has a large fleet of trucks and other transport vehicles at its disposal.


Freight and More brings industry-level expertise in freight forwarding to the table which immensely benefits businesses in their importing and exporting operations. The company is present in many other cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and more apart from Brisbane.