Quick Overview of The Best Import and Export Freight Forwarding Services in Fremantle

Importing and exporting goods can become complicated, time consuming and costly for businesses with bulk shipping needs. Thus, the best course of action for such business enterprises is to outsource the process of transporting the goods to professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are companies specialising in organising shipments of goods in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. From storing goods and cargo booking to documentation and customs clearance, freight forwarders plan each and every stage of the shipment on the behalf of their clients.

Freight and More has a highly experienced professional team well versed in fulfilling various requirements for managing international shipments. It offers a comprehensive set of services for smooth shipping of goods, right from arranging transportation and negotiating charges to cargo tracking and import and Export Customs Clearance Fremantle. Domestic shipments also come under the purview of this company.

Global Shipping Solutions

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for imported and exported goods coming to and leaving Australia and other countries. The vast distribution and storage network of the company covering Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia enables smooth freight forwarding all over the world.

Freight and More manages both sea and air cargo shipments over international borders. It secures the best cargo rates by negotiating with the international carriers on behalf of the shippers. Cost-effective shipping deals are secured depending upon the shipper’s cargo type, credit status, space requirements, speed requirements and more. Cargo insurance is also obtained by dealing with reputed insurers. Processes such as export haulage entailing transportation of the goods to the loading point, inspection checkpoint to verify the condition of the goods, destination arrival and handling and import haulage entailing delivery of the goods to the destination and warehousing are completed efficiently.

Licensed customs brokers are provided for import and Export Customs Clearance Fremantle. Export customs is done at the origin country while import customs clearance is carried out at the destination country. The necessary cargo details and supporting documentation are prepared and submitted to clear the goods from the customs authorities. Processing of required paperwork for imported and exported goods also features among the services.

Domestic Shipping Solutions

Freight and More has a well developed network covering Australia. Thus, it offers freight forwarding services for interstate shipments within Australia. Depending upon the nature of the cargo and other factors, the company can use sea, air, rail, road or a combination of transportation modes to ship the goods.

Domestic shipping of imported and exported goods can be arranged under FOB and Ex-Works terms.


Freight and More can be contacted to get free price estimates for its services. To this end, you can either fill an online form hosted on the company’s website or place a call on 03 9867 4544.