Professional Freight Forwarding For Export/Import In Perth

Moving goods from one point to another especially between countries is a complicated process with many variables and factors. Whether a company is exporting or importing goods, the best way to ensure smooth international movement of the cargo is to enlist the services of a professional freight forwarding company. A freight forwarder uses its global network of agents and partners to manage shipments using the optimal routes and the best carriers. It is also well versed in legal and regulatory standards across countries and is able to complete the documentation and other administrative tasks in the correct manner.

Freight and More is highly experienced in managing international shipments through both sea and air routes. It provides end-to-end services right from carrier selection and negotiating freight charges to cargo tracking and import and Export Customs Clearance Perth. Apart from international shipments, this company also manages interstate freight and local deliveries.

Services for Import and Export of goods

Freight and More has a robust network for delivery and storage of goods across countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa and Australasia. Its global network of agent offices enables it to provide the best freight forwarding services for exporting or importing goods to and from any country.

Freight and More manages international shipments of both sea and air freight. This company has connections with many international merchant shipping lines and manages a large amount of sea freight in and out of Australia. As regards air freight, this company utilises its connections with many international airliners to manage import and export of goods through the air route.

Freight and More also provides Export Customs Clearance Perth. It has a wide network of customs agents in ports and airports all over the world to handle customs declarations and other customs documents to pass the consignments smoothly through customs. Customs agents are also present in various ports and airports across Australia to pass imported cargo through the Australian customs. The customs experts of this company are well versed in the local customs regulations and are always updated about the changes made in the regulations. Other kinds of necessary documents such as import/export documents, bills of lading, letters of credit and more are also managed by this company in the correct manner to avoid fines and other legal troubles.

Warehouse management services are also provided to store goods temporarily prior to shipping abroad or after receiving the shipment as the case may be.

Services for interstate shipments and local deliveries

Freight and More also manages interstate shipments within Australia. It uses road transport or a combination of rail and road or rail/road/air/sea for interstate freight forwarding. Trucks and other transport vehicles are available with this company to transport goods via road. Door-to-door deliveries are also offered for local shipments.


Freight and More is a suitable freight forwarder for both new and small businesses as well as large multinational companies. It is not only present in Perth but has offices in other Australian cities such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Sydney as well.