Global and Domestic Freight Forwarding Services in Sydney

Moving imports and exports through the global supply chain is a tedious process requiring high levels of expertise and resources. Companies involved in international trade are required to deal in imports and exports such as finished goods and raw materials but lack the wherewithal to organise shipments between countries. This is where the role of professional freight forwarders come into the picture. Freight forwarders handle the logistics of moving freight from one country to another. Each and every aspect of freight shipping, right from cargo booking and route selection to documentation and customs clearance, is under the purview of the services.

Freight and More is a leading provider of freight forwarding services for both international shipments as well as domestic freights. The services offered by the company encompass all the requirements of freight shipping such as negotiating cargo booking and other rates, cargo insurance, import/export paperwork processing and Export Customs Clearance Sydney.

International Shipping Management

International freight movements are governed by a host of global rules and regulations and local laws applicable in the specific countries. Thus, businesses are required to comply with the rules and regulations while ensuring cost-effective and profitable shipping. Freight and More offers comprehensive management of international freight shipping on the back of its vast distribution and storage network covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia.

Irrespective of whether it is sea or air cargo, Freight and More negotiates the best rates with the carriers on behalf of the shippers. The shipping experts of the company also select the most profitable routes depending upon various factors. The entire process right from hauling the cargo to the seaport or airport, origin handling and cargo tracking to receiving, warehousing and delivery is handled by the company.

Documents for international shipments such as import/export license, bill of lading or airway bill, certificate of origin, commercial invoice and others are procured as per the applicable laws. The company also provides import and Export Customs Clearance Sydney and other points of entry and exit within and outside Australia. Customs brokers are deployed to ensure passage of goods through the customs checkpoints at both origin and destination.

Interstate Shipping Management

Freight and More can also be hired for handling freight movements from one state to another within the territorial boundaries of Australia. All kinds of shipping modes such as sea, air, rail and road are covered under the services. The domestic shipments are transported in accordance with the applicable laws in Australia.

Local deliveries of goods are also offered by the company. A fleet of transport vehicles such as trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and others along with licensed drivers are present for this purpose.


Freight and More has proved its worth in terms of both industry experience and customer services. The company is not only present in Sydney but in many other cities such as Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide as well.