High-end services to manage freight movements in Sydney

Freight forwarders help businesses with bulk shipment needs to increase the operational efficiency of shipping goods and reduce shipping costs. They are not transportation companies but act as an intermediary between the shippers and the transporters to manage the various steps of organising freight movements. Business enterprises especially the ones involved in imports and exports can delegate the complex task of freight shipping to professionals freight forwarders in order to devote their own resources to other important business operations.

Freight and More is one of the leading Freight Forwarders Sydney. It has industry level expertise and experience to efficiently manage the shipment process for imported and exported goods right from origin to destination. Apart from international shipments, the company also handles freight movements for domestic shipments.

International Shipping Solutions

International shipping is characterised by complex logistics and a plethora of rules and regulations which make the process highly cumbersome for businesses. Freight and More is the best choice for business enterprises seeking Freight Forwarders Sydney for managing global freight movements. There are many reasons for this assertion.

Freight and More has a large distribution and storage network comprising of agents, offices and warehouses covering Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia. The extensive network enables it to seamlessly manage imports and exports to and from Australia and any other country.

Whether it is selecting the sea or air transporter or negotiating the freight charges or managing the inventory during the transportation and storage process, the services comprehensively cover each and every aspect of international shipping. The company also prepares the necessary documentation for international shipments. These include but not limited to import/export license, commercial invoice, bill of lading/airway bill, insurance, certificate of origin and shipper’s letter of instruction.

Freight and More has its own customs clearance agents present at the sea and airports across Australia and other countries. The customs brokers prepare the required customs documentation as per the Australian and local rules and regulations depending upon the country. Customs agents ensure smooth clearance of the goods at both origin and destination countries.

Domestic Shipping Solutions

Freight and More also provides freight forwarding services for domestic shipments between various states within Australia. Depending upon the budget, speed and other requirements, the goods are shipped via rail, road, sea, air or a combination of two more shipping modes. The extensive network of offices and agents across Australia enable seamless transportation, storage and delivery of goods.

Local transportation is also provided for door-to-door deliveries of goods. To this end, a large fleet of transport vehicles is available. The vehicles include trucks, trailers, side loaders and tail loaders.


Freight and More offers its services at highly competitive rates. Its services are available for both new startups requiring limited shipments as well as large businesses dealing in bulk shipments.