Premium Grade Freight Shipping Management in Sydney

Freight forwarding is an essential part of the logistics and supply chain for businesses involved in global trade. It encompasses multiple complex steps requited to transport goods between countries. Freight forwarders are professionals having the expertise in logistics and supply chain management to organise smooth delivery of goods across global borders. They are not transportation companies but work on behalf of the business enterprises to manage a host of functions such as arranging transportation, processing documentation, purchasing cargo insurance and more.

Freight and More offers the best quality services for Freight Forwarding Sydney. It manages both international shipments as well as interstate shipments within Australia. The services cover all the transportation and logistical requirements of freight shipping through sea, air and other modes.

Global Freight Shipping Management

Freight and More is a highly appropriate option for businesses seeking Freight Forwarding Sydney for imported and exported goods. It has a well established distribution and storage network covering multiple continents such as Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia to facilitate smooth freight movements. The company manages large volumes of sea and air cargo moving in and out of Australia and other countries.

Freight and More carries out the export haulage process. This is the process of transporting the cargo from the shipper’s location to the warehouse or seaport or airport, as the case may be. Whether it is sea or air freight, the experts of the company negotiate the cargo booking charges with the merchant shipping companies or airlines to get reasonable rates for the shippers.

Export customs clearance is carried out at the origin country. The customs brokers of the company handle the necessary paperwork to get the cargo cleared from the customs authorities. Destination handling operations including import customs clearance are performed by the agents once the cargo arrives at the destination country. Clearance formalities are completed to allow the freight to leave the seaport or airport.

Warehousing facilities are available to store the cargo prior to delivery. Import haulage or the process to transport the goods to the warehouse is performed by the company. The freight is finally delivered to the recipient.

Interstate Freight Shipping Management

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services to move goods from one state to another within Australia. Depending upon the nature of the cargo, required speed, budget of the shipper and other factors, the transportation mode can be road, railways, sea or air or a combination of multiple modes.

Local deliveries are also made by the company. To this end, the company has licensed transport drivers and a fleet of transport vehicles comprising of standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers.


Freight and More offers free price quotes for its services and the same can be obtained by filling the enquiry form hosted on its website. Apart from Sydney, the company has its offices in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane as well.