Best Freight Shipping Solutions for Businesses in Fremantle

A myriad of operations are associated with shipping goods between countries. These include but not limited to cargo booking, inland transportation, documentation processing, cargo insurance, consolidation and deconsolidation, customs clearance and warehousing. Managing a gamut of complex operations to ship goods is very difficult for businesses and professional assistance for the same is necessary. Freight forwarders provide this assistance by planning and executing the logistics of freight shipping on a global level through sea, air, rail and other modes of transportation.

Freight and More is a leading Fremantle Freight Forwarder offering world class services for international sea and air freight shipping. It handles the complete set of logistical and other requirements of freight shipping on behalf of business organisations, right from negotiating the best cargo and other charges and obtaining cargo insurance to paperwork and warehousing.

Sea or Ocean Freight Management

International shipping commonly uses sea or ocean as the mode for transporting bulk shipments. This is because sea shipping is a cost effective way to ship large volumes of goods. Huge shipping containers are used to transport goods onboard cargo ships. A host of logistical requirements need to be fulfilled for shipping goods via sea route.

Freight and More works with major merchant marine shipping companies to facilitate sea shipping. It not only helps businesses in selecting the most suitable sea routes and shipping companies with respect to speed, cost effectiveness and reliability but also negotiates with the shipping companies to get the best rates for its clients.

Both Full Container Load and Less Container Load of sea cargo shipping are handled by Freight and More. FCL cargo has enough dimensions to occupy the full volume of a sea shipping container, thereby making it necessary for the shipper to rent the entire container. LCL cargo, on the other hand, cannot occupy the entire space inside a shipping container and is required to share space with other cargos. All kinds of sea shipping containers such as high cube, flat rack, open top, refrigerated, thermal, tank and more are handled.

Freight and More prepares all the required documents for sea freight such as bill of lading, insurance proof and others. Overall, the company seamlessly manages the logistics of sea freight shipping.

Air Freight Management

Freight and More is the best Fremantle Freight Forwarder for air shipping required by businesses requiring express shipment of goods or safe and secure transportation of valuable items. The company is proficient in shipping all kinds of legal air cargo, right from currency notes to food items.

Freight and More has links with international and domestic airline companies to enable smooth air freight shipping. It books cargo spaces at the best rates on passenger airplanes and cargo aircrafts and is also proficient in packing requirements suited for air freight. Documents right from airway bill to customs clearance are also handled by the company.


Freight and More has a highly skilled and experienced professional staff to carry out freight forwarding assignments in the best possible manner. The company is known for providing premium services at competitive rates.