Professional services for smooth facilitation of freight movements in Fremantle

Importing and Exporting goods creates profitable business opportunities for businesses. However, managing the logistics of international shipping of goods is a very complicated endeavor with many scopes for mistakes, which can lead to legal troubles and financial losses. Thus, business enterprises exporting and importing goods seek assistance from professional freight forwarders. A freight forwarder carries out the strategic logistics planning and execution for the international movement of goods or freight on behalf of the shipper.

Freight and More is a top choice for businesses seeking Fremantle Freight Forwarders. It has the necessary expertise, resources, and experience to manage international shipping of imported and exported goods. The company is proficient in managing sea and air freight for its clients, and its services cover every aspect of international shipments.

Sea Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More offers freight forwarding services for sea cargo. It has extensive connections with major merchant shipping lines and manages large volumes of sea cargo in and out of Australian ports. The company has agents in major seaports in most countries worldwide to manage incoming and outgoing sea freight efficiently.

Freight and More manages both full container loads and fewer container loads of sea cargo. Full Container Load or FCL means the full container is occupied by the cargo of one shipper only because either the dimensions of the cargo are enough to occupy the whole container space or the value of the cargo merits an exclusive container. Less Container Load or LCL means a single container carries cargo belonging to different shippers. It is a more economical option for the shippers. The company provides the best advice to the clients regarding FCL and LCL based on the nature of their goods and budgets.

The services include freight rate and port charges negotiations, container tracking and insurance, import/export clearance paperwork, handling at the origin and destination seaports, warehousing, and delivery.

Air Freight Forwarding Services

Freight and More Fremantle Freight Forwarders also handle cargo shipped through the air route. It has links with many international airline companies, which helps in efficiently carrying out air freight forwarding at the best possible rates. Air freight forwarding is usually carried out for time-sensitive or highly valuable cargo such as currency notes, gold, pharmaceuticals, perishable items, auto parts, etc.

Freight and More negotiates the best rates for booking cargo spaces on passenger or cargo planes and manages every process step, such as packaging, loading, inventory management, documentation, customs clearance, and more. Comprehensive air logistics support tailored to the requirements of the clients is provided.


Freight and More has offices in many cities in Australia apart from Fremantle. These include Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. The company brings years of experience and industry-level freight forwarding expertise for businesses.