Customised Services for Freight Shipping Management in Perth

Trade in a globalised world entails movements of goods between countries on a massive scale. Business organisations involved in the global trade require imports and exports and must fulfil all the complex logistical requirements for the same. Managing the movements of shipments to and from foreign countries is a complicated exercise and most business enterprises do not have the resources and staff for completing this crucial task. Thus, they delegate this task to professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders work on behalf of the shippers to handle each and every process associated with freight shipping.

Freight and More offers comprehensive services to transport goods from one country to another swiftly, securely and efficiently. The suite of services cover everything from cost-effective cargo booking and insurance to paperwork processing and export and Import Customs Clearance Perth.

Import and Export Freight Shipping Management

Freight and More has the resources and expertise to organise the shipments of goods on an international level. The wide distribution and storage network of the company covers Australasia, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa which facilitates smooth movements of goods to and from Australia.

Logistical and transportation requirements of both sea and air freight are handled with precision and efficiency. Apart from negotiating the freight charges, cargo insurance, port charges and more, the company also helps in acquiring the required documents for international shipping. The documents can be import/export license, ocean bill of lading, airway bill, commercial invoice, packing list, certificates of origin, dangerous goods form and others. The international shipping experts of the company are well versed with the rules and regulations of international shipping and work in accordance with the relevant laws as per the nature of the shipments to procure the documents.

Each and every step of the international freight shipping process such as loading, unloading, warehousing and delivery is managed by the company.

Customs Clearance

Freight and More offers export and Import Customs Clearance Perth. Customs brokers of the company at both the origin and destination countries facilitate smooth passage of the goods through the local customs authorities. The customs brokers meticulously prepare the customs paperwork in accordance with the laws in both the countries. Common customs paperwork include commercial invoice, bill of entry, letter of credit, certificate of insurance, customs packing list, warehouse receipt and other applicable documents.

Customs clearance services ensure that the customs paperwork of the shipment is in order, thereby preventing confiscation or denial of entry or exit by the customs authorities.

Interstate Freight Shipping Management

Freight and More also manages freight movements between the states located within Australia. The interstate shipments are transported through road, rail, sea and air or a combination of multiple modes. Local door-to-door deliveries of the goods are also offered by the company.


Freight and More has a vast experience and industry-level expertise in the field of freight forwarding. It provides free no-obligation price estimates for its services. The company can be contacted on 03 9867 4544.