Comprehensive solutions for freight forwarding in Sydney

Businesses exporting their goods to other countries or importing goods from other countries need to set up robust supply chains and other logistics. The most important and also the most complicated part of the logistics is international shipment of goods. This is where the role of freight forwarders come into the picture. The job of a freight forwarding company is to manage the international movements of goods on behalf of the shippers. It works with carriers to ship goods through sea, air, rail or road and handles various processes related to the same. Freight forwarder simplifies a complex exercise for businesses, however it is imperative to enlist the services of a licensed and experienced freight forwarding company only.

Freight and More is an international freight forwarding company offering complete services for smooth movements of goods. Whether it is importing or exporting goods, this company carries out each and every process such as freight rate negotiations with the carrier, freight consolidation, container tracking and more. Experts are present to carry out export and Import Customs Clearance Sydney. Apart from international shipments, this company also provides freight forwarding for interstate shipments within Australia as well.

International freight forwarding

Freight and More has a large distribution and storage network spread across continents such as Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australasia. Thus, it is able to efficiently manage international shipments for both export and import of goods. This company has links with many reputed sea carriers and airlines to carry out freight forwarding for both sea and air freight.

The custom brokers of Freight and More are well versed in the customs rules and regulations regardless of the country and are able to easily pass international shipments through the customs at seaports and airports. Similarly, the custom brokers are also proficient in Import Customs Clearance Sydney to ensure smooth entry of imported goods into Australia. The customs team of this company is always updated about the frequently changing customs legislations and ensure swift movements of goods through customs without legal troubles.

Interstate freight forwarding

Freight and More also offers freight forwarding between states in Australia. It uses either road transport or a combination of sea, air, rail and road for interstate cargo movements. Transport drivers are available along with a fleet of standard trucks, trailers, side loaders, tail lifts and drop loaders to carry out interstate deliveries. The network of offices across Australia ensure that the goods are delivered door-to-door. The documentation is always in order to enable the goods to pass state borders without hassles.

Local freight forwarding in and around Sydney is also offered by this company.


Freight and More is not only based in Sydney but in other cities such as Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and others as well. It can be contacted though email or by filling an online form present on its website.