Full set of freight forwarding services for international and domestic shipments in Sydney

International supply chain, whether for importing or exporting raw materials or finished goods, has highly complicated logistics. Business enterprises lacking the expertise and wherewithal to organise international shipments enlist the services of professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders organise movements of goods from one place to another by acting as an agent between the shippers and the transportation companies. The services include price negotiations, compliance with the rules and regulations, storage of goods, cargo insurance and deliveries of the shipments.

Freight and More is a reputed freight forwarder specialising in International Freight Shipping Sydney. It manages both sea and air freight movements to and from Australia and other countries. The company has the network, infrastructure and expertise to facilitate smooth movements of imported and exported goods. Interstate freight management also features among its services.

Management of imports and exports

International shipping of goods involves fulfilling a plethora of complex logistical requirements besides compliance with international regulations and the local laws of the origin and destination countries.

Freight and More is the best choice for businesses seeking freight forwarding services for International Freight Shipping Sydney. It has a wide distribution and storage network covering Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia to facilitate seamless management of international shipments. The company has its own network of carriers as well due to its strong links with all major merchant shipping lines and airlines which enables it to ship goods globally through sea or air at optimal rates. Most suitable carriers are selected with the aim of shortening the delivery time and getting the best shipping rates.

The documentation required for international shipments is processed by the experts of Freight and More. These include but not limited to bill of lading, import or export clearance license, commercial invoice, certificate of origin and packing list. The company has its customs brokers in sea ports and airports across Australia and in other countries. The customs brokers prepare the customs declaration form and other required paperwork to ensure export and import customs clearance at the origin and destination countries respectively.

Warehousing is also provided to store goods prior to shipping or after arrival in the destination country. Freight consolidation is also carried out to reduce shipping costs.

Management of domestic shipments

Freight and More organise shipments within Australia as well. Depending upon the distance, nature of cargo, cost and other factors, the domestic shipments are transported through road, rail, sea, air or a combination of multiple modes. The widespread network of offices of the company ensure seamless domestic freight movements.

Local transportation is also available to deliver goods. To this end, a fleet of trucks and trailers is present.


Freight and More is present in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and many other cities apart from Sydney. Its services can be enlisted by both large businesses as well as small and mid-sized businesses.