High-end expertise for managing the logistics of international shipments in Brisbane

Importing and exporting goods and raw materials is a critical part of the business operations for organisations partaking in the global trade. The highly complex logistics of moving shipments between countries with its litany of rules and regulations can become a daunting undertaking for the in-house staff of a business organisation. This is the reason why the demand for freight forwarding services is high among importers and exporters. Freight forwarders are adept at handling the logistics of moving goods on a global scale in an efficient manner.

Freight and More offers the best freight forwarding services for International Sea Freight Brisbane. It plans and implements cost-effective and logistically robust freight forwarding strategies in accordance with the needs of the businesses. Apart from global shipments, the company offers freight forwarding for domestic shipments as well.

Seamless freight forwarding for imports and exports

Freight and More has established a vast network of agents, offices and warehouses on a global scale. This network covers Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and Australasia. Consequently, the company is able to handle shipments originating within Australia or abroad.

Freight and More offers end-to-end services for managing International Sea Freight Brisbane. It works with the best marine shipping lines to ship international goods to and from Brisbane and other Australian ports. The company negotiates the most reasonable cargo space booking rates, port charges, insurance premiums and other charges on behalf of its clients. Best sea shipping routes on the basis of costs, speed, nature of cargo and other factors are determined by the experts.

Paperwork processing in compliance with the rules and regulations of the origin and destination countries and international shipping are completed by Freight and More. Various kinds of necessary documents such as import or export license, bill of lading, insurance, certificate of origin, commercial invoice and others are all procured by the company.

Customs clearance brokers present at both the origin and destination countries keep the customs paperwork ready to get the goods cleared by the customs authorities. Warehousing facilities are also available to store the goods before loading onto the ship or after receiving at the destination port.

Hassle-free domestic freight movements

Freight and More has its own distribution and storage network covering most of the states within Australia. Thus, it is able to move domestic shipments quickly and efficiently. Depending upon a host of factors, the domestic shipments are transported through road, rail, sea, air or a combination of multiple modes.

Local deliveries of shipments are made using a fleet of transport vehicles. A host of transport vehicles such as trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers are available with the company.


Freight and More is characterised by industry-level expertise, extensive resources and vast experience in the field of freight forwarding. Interested entities can fill the enquiry form hosted on the company’s website to get free price quotes.