Expert solutions for freight shipping needs in Fremantle

Organisation and coordination of cargo movements across international borders in a smooth and legal manner is a cumbersome exercise for businesses engaged in import and export of goods as a part of their operations. Thus, this task can be outsourced to a third party called freight forwarder. The freight forwarder completes a plethora of activities on behalf of the shipper. These include but not limited to freight rate negotiations, freight aggregation, cargo tracking, customs brokerage, cargo insurance and warehousing. In a nutshell, a freight forwarder enables the shipper to complete freight transportation in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Freight and More is an international freight forwarding company specialising in fulfilling all kinds of requirements related to the international movements of goods. Apart from international shipments, it also manages interstate freight movements within Australia and offers Local Transport Fremantle. Whether it is sea, air, rail or road, the company has the required expertise to cover all modes of transport.

International shipping solutions

Freight and More provides the best solutions for both exporting goods from Australia to other nations as well as importing goods into Australia. It has a vast network of agents and distribution/storage covering Australasia, Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America to effect efficient international freight forwarding.

Freight and More works with major marine carriers and airlines to carry out freight movements via sea and air respectively. The company completes the paperwork for exporting and importing goods such as customs documentation, bill of lading, invoice, letters of credit, declaration documents and more. The paperwork is processed in complete accordance with the local rules and regulations in Australia and other countries.

Customs brokers are provided by Freight and More to take the deliveries of the consignments at both the sending and receiving sea ports or airports and get them cleared by the customs officials in a perfectly legal manner. The company arranges for transportation to deliver the goods to the receiver right from the receiving point. Warehousing facilities are also provided to store the goods if and when required.

Domestic shipping solutions

Freight and More also offers freight forwarding for goods within Australia. The cargos are transported from one state to another across Australia. Domestic shipments are carried out using a combination of rail, road, sea and air modes of transportation. In addition, this company also provides Local Transport Fremantle for door-to-door delivery of goods.

Freight and More has a fleet of standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers to transport goods locally and between states. The vehicles are driven by trained and experienced drivers.


Freight and More is highly suited for managing the freight forwarding needs of both new startups as well as large and established businesses. The company provides free price quotes.