International and Domestic Freight Forwarding Experts in Melbourne

Moving bulk shipments internationally is a major requirement for businesses involved in global trade. However, freight shipping is a complex exercise which is often beyond the expertise and resources of business enterprises. This is the reason why companies tend to hire the services of professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarders are third-party entities which act on behalf of the shippers to manage the transportation process of the goods. From negotiating freight charges and cargo handling at both origin and destination to cargo insurance and documentation, a professional freight forwarder manages each and every process.

Freight and More has the expertise and resources to offer freight forwarding services for both international and domestic shipments along with Local Transport Melbourne. It fulfils all the transportation and logistical requirements associated with freight movements at the best possible prices.

Import and Export Shipment Services

Freight and More is capable of organising movements of both imported and exported goods in and out of Australia and other nations. The large distribution and storage network of the company covers Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Australasia. Whether it is sea cargo or air freight, tailored services are provided to facilitate smooth international freight movements.

Freight and More carries out origin handling which is the process to move the shipment from the shipper’s location to the sea port or airport. It determines the type of haulage to move the goods. Export customs clearance is secured at the origin country prior to loading the goods. On arrival at the destination country, the agents of the company handle the import customs clearance process and transport the shipment to the receiver or warehouse as the case may be.

Apart from customs paperwork, the company handles all other kinds of documents required for international shipping. These include but not limited to import or export clearance, certificate of origin, bill of lading or airway bill, packing list and commercial invoice. Full compliance with the rules and regulations governing international shipping is ensured.

Freight and More can organise the shipments under both FOB and Ex Works terms. Free On Board or FOB means the receiver of the goods assumes responsibility of the same as soon as the loading process is completed. Ex Works means the supplier is responsible for the shipment till it reaches the destination.

Domestic Shipment Services

Freight and More offers interstate freight forwarding for shipments within the territorial boundaries of Australia. It has a vast network of agents and offices across Australia. Domestic shipments can be moved by road, rail, air, sea or a combination of two or more modes of transportation.

Freight and More also offers Local Transport Melbourne for door-to-door delivery of goods. To this end, it uses a number of transport vehicles such as trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers.


Freight and More is present not only in Melbourne but many other cities such as Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney as well. It can handle diverse volumes of shipments originating from small, mid-sized and large companies.