Leading Freight Movement Service Provider in Brisbane

Freight forwarders are industry experts in efficiently moving goods across international borders and state lines. These are professional companies specialising in a number of areas associated with freight movements such as preparation for shipping, warehousing, booking cargo spaces, negotiating charges, cargo insurance, documentation, consolidation and deconsolidation and collection. Owners and exporters of cargo get a number of benefits by enlisting the services of professional freight forwarding. These include cost savings, reduced downtime, reduced burden and multiple operations under a single contract with the freight forwarder.

Freight and More has an extensive network of logistical partners and agents to effectively organise shipments of bulk goods on both global and domestic scale. It offers international freight shipping management for sea and air cargo along with interstate shipping and Local Transport Services Brisbane. The highly skilled and experienced professional team of this company is adept at fulfilling all cargo transportation needs effectively.

Sea Cargo Shipping Management

Sea trading routes are extensively used for transporting imported and exported goods between countries. In fact, sea shipping makes up a major percentage of international trade since it is a more cost effective way to ship heavy goods. However, sea shipping involves highly complex logistics.

Freight and More provides comprehensive management of sea cargoes. It has links with most major international merchant shipping companies to get the best deals on behalf of its customers. The company selects the most suitable sea carrier and shipping route as per the nature of the cargo, budget of the shipper and other factors. Experts of the company negotiate booking charges, port charges, insurance premium and other costs to secure cost effective rates for the shippers.

Sea freight in both Full Container Load and Less Than Container Load categories are handled by Freight and More. In case of FCL, the shipper has to pay for the entire shipping container so that only the goods belonging to the shipper occupies the container. LCL cargo is cheaper since goods belonging to multiple shippers share space within the same container. The company helps in determining whether to opt for FCL or LCL.

Paperwork processing for both customs clearance and import/export regulations is completed by the company.

Air Cargo Shipping Management and Local Transport

Freight and More offers freight forwarding for all kinds of legal air consignments such as perishable food products, machinery parts, currency notes, pharmaceutical products and others. The company has extensive links with major international and domestic airline companies. Whether it is booking cargo spaces onboard cargo aircrafts or passenger airplanes at optimal rates or handling the paperwork such as airway bill or customs clearance, the services cover each and every aspect of air shipping.

Freight and More also provides Local Transport Services Brisbane to deliver goods right at the doorsteps. To this end, the company uses a fleet of transport vehicles such as standard trucks, side loaders, drop trailers and tail lifts.


Freight and More has a wide network of service areas covering many other cities in Australia apart from Brisbane. Its services can be enlisted by business enterprises of all sizes right from startups to major companies.