High-end freight forwarding services for international and domestic shipments in Melbourne

Strategically planned and coordinated movements of goods from one country to another is the domain of freight forwarders. Companies involved in import or export of goods or any business entailing bulk cargo movements need the services of professional freight forwarding companies. Freight Forwarders work on the behalf of shippers and ensure that the goods reach their intended consignees in an efficient and cost effective manner. The global freight industry is worth USD 191.71 billion.

Freight and More is an international freight forwarding company based in Australia which caters to all the needs and requirements for international movement of goods. This company not only provides services for transporting imported and exported goods but also offers interstate and Local Transport Services Melbourne. Warehousing facilities are also provided to store shipments whenever required.

Services for International Freight

Freight and More provides safe, efficient and cost-effective freight transportation services for imports and exports. This company has a large storage and distribution network covering Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and Australasia which enables it to provide swift and smooth movements of goods.

Freight and More manages international shipments transported through both sea and air. Its connections with major sea carriers and airline companies ensure proper management of sea and air freight respectively at the best possible rates. The services cover negotiations of all kinds of charges such as port fees, consular charges, customs brokerage, warehousing charges and others.

Document processing for exporting or importing goods is also handled by Freight and More. The required documentation varies from one country to another but some important documents for international shipments include certificate of origin, insurance proof, bill of lading, packaging list, export or import shipping bill and commercial invoice. This company determines and obtains the required documentation to enable hassle-free movements of goods.

Customs clearance services are provided to get the goods cleared from the customs officials present at the sea port or airport in both the origin and destination country. To this end, proper documentation regarding the nature of the goods and other aspects are prepared by the customs agents of this company.

Services for Interstate and Local Freight

Freight and More manages interstate freight movements within Australia. It uses road and railways or a combination of road/rail/air/sea transport modes to move interstate shipments. It also provides door-to-door Local Transport Services Melbourne to move cargos within and around Melbourne.

Freight and More has a fleet of cargo vehicles such as standard trucks, side loaders, tail lifts and drop trailers along with trained and experienced drivers for local and interstate freight movements.


Freight and More also operates in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide and many other locations in Australia apart from Melbourne. This is a highly suitable freight forwarding company for both new businesses and large enterprises.