Logistics management services for international and domestic movements of cargo in Perth

The international supply chain is the backbone of globalized trade, which makes proper planning and implementation of logistics for moving goods from one location to another a prime requirement for businesses. This is where the important role of freight forwarders comes into play. The services of freight forwarders, such as cargo space scheduling, rate negotiations, freight consolidation, customs brokerage, warehousing, cargo insurance, cargo tracking, and more, enable businesses to export and import goods smoothly and swiftly within the legal framework.

Freight and More is a professional freight forwarding company well-versed in all the transportation and logistical requirements associated with international freight movements. It not only provides comprehensive services for importing or exporting goods but is also the most suitable freight forwarder for interstate and Local Transport Services Perth. Every shipping route, such as sea, air, road, and rail, is covered.

Import/Export Logistics Management

Freight and More has a vast network of agents, offices, and warehouses in Asia, Africa, North and South America, Europe, and Australasia. This enables it to manage international shipments of exported or imported goods with clinical efficiency. Regardless of whether the cargo will be transported by ship or aircraft, the company provides complete services for transporting the cargo from origin to destination.

Freight and More is an expert in providing shipping solutions tailored to the budgets, timelines, and other requirements of the clients for cargos moving to and from Australia or any other country in the world. Accurate documentation such as load details, bill of lading, invoice, import/export license, cargo insurance proof, and others are prepared by the company’s expert team according to the rules and regulations of the origin and destination countries. Customs brokers at the seaports and airports ensure that the goods easily pass the local customs authorities.

Freight and More leverages its international network to deliver shipments within the timeframes specified by the customers and quickly organize alternative routes in case of delays. Warehousing facilities are available for temporary storage of goods. Cargo tracking technology is used to track the movement of the cargo from its origin to delivery.

Domestic/Local Logistics Management

Freight and More offers interstate freight forwarding within Australia. Domestic transportation of goods is carried out by road, rail, sea or air or a combination of two or more modes. Interstate freight forwarding is managed in compliance with the domestic rules and regulations, and the cargo are backed by proper documentation to cross state borders.

Freight and More also offers Local Transport Services Perth. Door-to-door local deliveries of goods are carried out using a fleet of trucks and other transport vehicles.


Freight and More provides free price estimates of its freight forwarding services. Interested parties need to fill out the online form available on the website of the company or contact the company directly through its phone number.