Best freight forwarding solutions for businesses in Perth

A freight forwarder is a third-party service provider concerned with the transportation of goods. It is not a carrier or transporter itself but is an intermediary between the shipper and the carrier, which acts on behalf of the former. Whether it is moving raw materials from one factory in one country to another factory in another country, moving finished goods from the manufacturer to the retailer, or importing goods into a country, a professional freight forwarder handles all the logistics of freight movements.

Freight and More is among the leading Perth Freight Forwarders for international and domestic movements of goods. The company has the expertise and experience to fulfill the logistical requirements of both sea and air freight along with rail and road transportation of goods.

Multiple transportation modes covered

Freight and More manages many sea cargo movements in and out of Australia. It has connections with major sea carriers and covers all the major shipping routes to and from most major seaports worldwide. The company has the wherewithal to manage FCL and LCL cargo and carries out freight consolidation to determine the best options for the clients. Everything, from negotiating freight and port charges to container tracking and cargo insurance, is managed by the company.

Freight and More offers air freight forwarding services for all legal cargo qualifying for air transportation. Links with major airline companies enable it to book cargo spaces swiftly at the best rates in accordance with the clients’ budgets. The company has air freight experts who help the clients in choosing the most suitable air routes as per the timeframe, budget, and other factors.

International and Interstate freight movements covered

Freight and More Perth Freight Forwarders has an extensive international distribution and storage network covering most countries across continents to facilitate smooth international movements of goods. It uses sea or air routes to transport goods from one country to another. Businesses exporting goods from Australia to other countries or importing goods into Australia from foreign nations can enlist the freight forwarding services of this company. Each and every aspect of international shipping, right from best shipping route selection and paperwork to warehousing and delivery, is managed by the company.

Freight and More has offices all over Australia to enable interstate movements of goods. The cargo is moved within Australia using railways, roads, seas, air, or multiple modes.

Customs Clearance

Freight and More has customs brokers at the seaports and airports in Australia and other countries to clear incoming or outgoing cargo through customs. The customs brokers are well versed with the customs rules and regulations of the specific countries involved in the freight movements and prepare correct documentation for the goods accordingly.


Freight and More can be contacted by both large-scale businesses requiring freight forwarding for huge volumes of goods as well as small or new businesses requiring transportation for smaller volumes of cargo.