Comprehensive array of services for freight forwarding in Brisbane

Commercial transportation of goods from one location to another all over the world is a major aspect of the global logistics network. Exporters and importers requiring their consignments to be moved internationally enlist the services of professional freight forwarding companies. A freight forwarding company liaises with the carrier to book the consignment at the best possible rate, determines the best route and other conditions for the cargo transport, undertakes customs clearance for the shipper, handles the required documents, monitors the consignment and ensures safe and smooth delivery of the same.

Freight and More is a leading freight forwarding company offering complete services for both sea and air freights. The gamut of services cover international and domestic freight, warehouse management and Port Clearance Brisbane. The industry level expertise and high-end customer service of this company makes it a cut above the rest.

Sea freight forwarding services

Sea is a major route for shipping cargo and accounts for a major share in international freight movements. Freight and More offers sea freight forwarding services for both importing and exporting goods. It has extensive links with most major merchant marine shipping lines and books the consignments at competitive rates on behalf of its clients.

Freight and More manages both Full Container Load and Less Container Load for sea freight shipping. Full Container Load refers to a cargo which needs the entire space available in a container due to its dimensions or value. In this case, the full container is owned by the shipper. Less Container Load means a cargo which cannot occupy an entire container. In such a case, the shipper has the option to share the container space with other consignments to reduce costs. As regards to container types, Freight and More handles all types such as standard, refrigerated, tank, flat rack and others.

Freight and More has experienced agents to provide Port Clearance Brisbane. Whether it is customs clearance or import/export regulations, the agents produce the required documentation to get past the authorities at the port in Brisbane and other ports in Australia and other countries.

Air freight forwarding services

Cargos which need to reach their destinations very swiftly or have a distinctly high value, qualify for air transportation. Freight and More covers air shipments as well under its freight forwarding services. It has connections with major airline operators to provide swift and smooth freight movements through the air route. Depending upon the nature of the cargo and other conditions, spaces are booked on either passenger aircraft or cargo planes.

Freight and More deploys its agents at airports within and outside Australia to get the cargos cleared through customs and other authorities.


Freight and More not only operates in Brisbane but has offices in many other cities across Australia. Moreover, its international network covering most continents facilities easy freight movements.