Efficient and Swift Solutions for Freight Shipping Needs in Sydney

Freight forwarding is the process of organising the transportation of shipments from the shipper to the final destination. Business enterprises often lack the staff and resources to manage the complex logistics of organising shipment transportations especially in case of imports and exports. Consequently, they seek the services of professional freight forwarders. Freight forwarder is a third-party company which plans and executes the freight transportation on behalf of the shipper. From negotiating charges and cargo space scheduling to customs clearance and cargo insurance, freight forwarders fulfil all freight transportation needs.

Freight and More is highly skilled and experienced in freight forwarding services for diverse shipping needs of businesses of all sizes. It is well versed in the nuances of both sea and air freight movements. The company offers comprehensive freight forwarding services, right from carrier selection and cost negotiations to warehousing and Port Clearance Sydney.

Ocean Freight Forwarding Services

Ocean or sea freight shipping means transportation of goods on board dedicated cargo ships. Sea shipping is the most preferred mode to transport large volumes of goods. Even though sea shipping is a slow process, it is a highly cost effective option for the shippers. Ocean freight forwarding requires efficient management of a number of processes.

Freight and More carries out the export haulage process. This is the process of transporting the cargo from the shipper’s location to the warehouse or seaport or airport, as the case may be. Whether it is sea or air freight, the experts of the company negotiate the cargo booking charges with the merchant shipping companies or airlines to get reasonable rates for the shippers.

Sea freight forwarding is provided for both Full Container Load and Less than Container Load. FCL cargo occupies an entire standard shipping container which makes it necessary for the shipper to book the full container. LCL cargo cannot occupy the entire space inside a standard shipping container. Freight consolidation services are services to group multiple LCL cargos within a single container to reduce costs.

Freight and More helps in Port Clearance Sydney and other locations. To this end, the company prepares the required customs and other documentation such as bill of lading, insurance, commercial invoice, packing list and more.

Air Freight Forwarding Services

Time-sensitive goods such as the ones slated for express deliveries or perishable items along with highly valuable items qualify for air shipping. Freight and More has solid links with international and domestic airline companies which helps it in negotiating cost effective cargo booking rates.

The company books cargo spaces on both dedicated cargo planes and cargo holds of passenger aircrafts. Furthermore, the air freight experts also provide support to complete the paperwork such as airway bill and customs documentation to get the goods cleared by the authorities.


Freight and More is well known for its exceptional customer services, industry expertise and vast experience across industries and sectors. Businesses can contact this company on 03 9867 4544.